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Waffle House Complaints & Reviews

Waffle House / My meal

Thugmisses42 on May 20, 2017
My husband went to the fort worth location on Randoll Mill Saturday morning to get us something to eat We had 2 all star meals with the waffles They were ok We Ordered double eggs and. Double sausage didn't get them on either order I rarely complain or have problems at this location but...

Waffle House / I'm complain about employee

Husuchi on May 11, 2017
I went there about 3am in the morning on sunday or monday to take out food and coffee with my friend. One of white skinny lady(waitress), she just starring at us with bad attitude and came to us and not even greeting. Something like mad to us. I order only one food. Because my friend i...

Waffle House / waffle house staff

clagarde on Apr 11, 2017
Dear Sir, I recently visited your new restaurant at 2500 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70119. It was a very pleasant experience. Although they were very busy, I was warmly greeted with a smile and a friendly welcome. I asked the young man behind the counter a question and he was very open and...

Waffle House / Menu item not available/price not adjusted

Patricia Bourne on Mar 27, 2017
Today I went into Waffle House off SR 90, Midway, Florida. I ordered a porkchop dinner (2 chops, hash browns & a salad). The total for this meal $10.25. They did not have any lettage to make a salad. I was officered hash browns, but extra carbs was no substitute for a salad. YET THEY...

Waffle House / Hamburger overdone, and condiment tray and condiment bottles were nasty

Donna Skinner on Mar 20, 2017
After the meal was placed on the table I reached for the mustard bottle and discovered that the bottle and as a matter of fact all the bottles of condiments were nasty. The silver metal condiment holder looked as if it had not been washed/cleaned since the Waffle House was opened, many...

Waffle House / Co workers

Kbowles on Mar 20, 2017
I have only been with this company for about 3 months. And may i start off by saying this by far is the worst environment and the most mentally exhausting job i have ever had in my 25yrs of working ( in a resturant) i have ever had. Nothing could top the problems this store has. My first...

Waffle House / Price variation from one waffle house to another

Lorraine Riggins on Jan 9, 2017
I recently purchased coffee and a bacon lover's blt, and I asked for regular toast instead of the grilled texas toast. The waiter charged me $5 (Free coffee) , as listed on the $5 menu. Several days later, we went to a different waffle house and I ordered the same thing. The waitre...

Waffle House / Food has blonde hair in it. Plus I was overcharged

Nique2 on Dec 28, 2016
I returned the food manger wasn't in. Ever. Said he call me. I went back nobody could help or would remake my food. The workers saw the hair. I left the food on counter and walked away pissed. Said denny the manager would have to handle the problem lies and run around. And charged me 37.00...

Waffle House / Worker - her name is shell

Bobbie Jo Gleason on Nov 18, 2016
We just ate at Waffle House in Baytown on Hwy 146 and Ih10. A lady named Shell did horrible. It was the first time for me and my husband to not leave a tip. She messed up our order many times. Every time we told her we were missing something we still never got it. No sausage, no waffle...

Waffle House / Service

Paul8perry1 on Oct 10, 2016
Waffle House in Rincon, GA., server named Brittany actually used profanity towards me and told me to pay for my food and get out after she slammed the plated down in front of me. She was a server. She went on to scream at me at the top pf her voice and had to be physically restrained by...

Waffle House / Manager

Edward Morgan on Sep 18, 2016
Former employee who thoroughly enjoyed working for Waffle House as a District Relief Manager in Nashville, TN in late 90s then as a grill operator in Villa Rica, Ga. Loved customers and most all employees. Though you have to watch it working for Lacheryl in Villa Rica. During my time a...

Waffle House / I am an employee at store unit 1118 and complaining about wrong termination

Julie ann smith on Aug 11, 2016
My name is Julia smith an employee At store unit 1118 I was working Sunday August 7 and I was section 1 I had everything done and at 8-9 pm my other server left me to take her tables and also my tables because she had to help the cook cook by 9 pm when 3 rd shift came in the third shift...

Waffle House / Unsanitary

melmac27 on Jul 19, 2016
On 7-19-16 as I was eating, I noticed a worker bring out two heads of lettuce wrapped in cellophane. She unwrapped one and quartered it and put about two quarters in the bin for sandwiches, etc. and then proceeded to chop on the remaining part and immediately put it on plates for salad...

Waffle House / Service and quality of food

Linsue on May 26, 2016
Date of service 5/26/16...Waffle House #1605 located just outside of Canton, GA. My husband and I stopped to eat here about 7:30 pm. I ordered the All Star Breakfast with country ham. There was a little delay in the initial service. Actually saw someone else come in after us and another...

Waffle House / Rude Service and Poor Quality Food

Reviewer52458 on Feb 5, 2016
Went to Waffle House in Walker, Louisiana and was very disappointed in the quality of the food and service. First of all the grits were not cooked very well and my children said the waffles had a funny taste. The worst part of the experience was the fact that the waitress seemed to be...

Waffle House / Waitress constantly complaining about her hurt/aching back

Reviewer10474 on Jan 11, 2016
1/11/16 1015am, I went into the Waffle House on Hwy.52 in Goose Creek, South Carolina, to have breakfast. I seated myself at the lower counter, next to the cash register. A waitress came with silverware, asked what I would like to drink, I replied " Coffee ". She also took my breakfast...

Waffle House / Bad Management

Reviewer65283 on Jan 3, 2016
Jan 2nd, 2016: Immature coworker scared me by jumping out at me from behind employee door. I am an older worker (server) and have certain issues ---let's just say that this incident caused me to have to leave the store and go home to shower. Upper management was correct in that they stated...

Waffle House / Service, Food, air conditioning, dishes

Reviewer88889 on Nov 9, 2015
This is the worst experience I have ever had at a Waffle House! We went into the Waffle House located on I-85 and 198 in Blacksburg, SC. When we first went in people were already complaining about how cold it was inside. We ordered coffee and hot chocolate. The cup on the hot chocolate had...

Waffle House / Incompetent Behaviour

Tina Weeks on Nov 7, 2015
Me and my boyfriend went into Waffle House in Raeford this morning to have breakfast after work.Time was 9:30. We seated our selves and waited for someone to come help us. There was 5 waitress's and 2 cooks in there. They saw us walk in. They were just standing around messing with their...

Waffle House 674 / poor management service

kristi54 on Jul 24, 2015
I don't like too do this but here goes someone said if you don't speak out there want be any changes too help the employees well here goes my server was a girl name molly who just destroy our whole breakfast this morning by letting us know that she work the night before and kept...

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