Waffle House Complaints & Reviews

Waffle House / poor management and customer service skills

Apr 1, 2019

First and foremost when I first arrived at Waffle House I was almost knocked over by the "manager on duty Ky" who was horse playing with another employee. Then when my order was called he lends on the grill for an additional 3-4 minutes before dropping any food; my server overheard...

Waffle House / management and employees being racist and biased

Mar 24, 2019

Im a former employee of waffle house and my friend still works there. I quit becayse I was having to handle alot of racism and biased ways from management from and employees. Shanti has a best friend that comes down from out of town and works 50 hours in 3 days while other employess are...

Waffle House / meats

Mar 22, 2019

Your meats are horrible! I know the corporate assholes don't care and I'm a regular customer. I've been eating in your stores for years but y'all just don't care! Your meats have too much fat on them, they are too thin cut and they just don't satisfy your customers. I just heard another...

Waffle House / laziness while being paid to work

Mar 12, 2019

I want to eat at waffle house 231/431 highway Meridianville Alabama. I had to look around to see where there was a clean spot to sit at. Most of the tables weren't even wiped off. The counter needed to be wiped off, also. I noticed the manager standing and talking to a customer while he...

Waffle House / cashier

Mar 3, 2019

On March 2 I went to the Waffle House in Hope Arkansas. I purchased the sirloin breakfast...for 9 dollars and change. With tax the total came to 12 and change. I did not get a receipt however. I was checking my account balances today though and noticed a 17.27 charge on my card from thi...

Waffle House / unfairly fired

Mar 1, 2019

I have been training for awhile at unit 1433 in sylva nc and I was supposed to start being a waitress on my own, however the new manager didn't think I was ready, I know I was ready and I have been working very hard and enjoyed working and he would not even give me a chance to be on the...

Waffle House / service

Feb 18, 2019

The server is more worried about the older man getting their stuff then check in on her other tables every time I go here and whenever I have her she never checks back on on us this is ridiculous I waited at least five to ten minutes to get to to go boxes and then I didn't even have to ask...

Waffle House / manager and associate.

Feb 13, 2019

5:30 on 2/11 pull was still on cart. 3:30 on 2/12pull still out. Tags back door on 2/11 but not on 2/12. Scott was grill op on 12. Kim self and i heard her talking about retaliation on employee who went over her head to district manager. On 12/21 Scott hannan got in my face trying to...

Waffle House / slow service, cold food

Feb 9, 2019

On saturday, feb 9, 2019 my husband and I stopped at waffle house for breakfast, this was around 11:00 am so not exactly ruch hour for either breakfast or lunch. When we entered the restaurant we noticed 5 or 6 people working behind the counter and 3 tables that had not been cleared. After...

Waffle House / cleanliness and service

Feb 7, 2019

My husband and I often eat at Waffle House when traveling because we like the food, service and cleanliness of the restaurants. Well we stopped at this Waffle House around 11:30 pm after a 2 hour flight. Seeing 2 security guards in front of the restaurant really made us feel more secure...

Waffle House / I am complaining about the abuse and the disrespect

Feb 7, 2019

I came in to order a chicken biscuit with cheese the waitress tried to get the cook to cook my food and she refused then when she finally decided to cook my food she kept a yelling at the waitress saying stand on your mark I don't know what that means and the waitress was just trying to...

Waffle House / both product and service

Feb 3, 2019

I went to this Waffle House the food was awful the omlet was grease. When my husband and I asked to speak to the Manager name Darcel she was extremely rude and desrespectful. She asked my husband why did he eat half the omelet? He told her that he did not want another omelet but just to...

Waffle House / service

Jan 21, 2019

Last night myself and a small group of friends went to the waffle house in Benton Ar. First there was no one clearing the tables. Granted it was late and a little crowded. It took 30 minutes for us to even get our drinks. finally another 20 minutes or so we ordered our food. The server wa...

Waffle House / managers and employee

Jan 11, 2019

Wednesday 1-9-2019 I was called in to work when I didn't even work 3rd shift. When I get there the store was a mess and the door was locked. So I go in start cleaning up cause every table was dirty, dishes bathroom and there was no cash in the register. So by the time I see that there i...

Waffle House / ordered two hamburgers one of the buns were burned.

Dec 26, 2018

The first hamburger was fine.I ordered my without cheese and she brought to me with cheese.She took it back and they removed the cheese.She brought it to me and I opened it up and the top bun was burned.My hubsand said look at the bottom bun.It was burned very bad.So again I had to stop my...

Waffle House / short order cook

Dec 23, 2018

Today my breakfast sandwich was incorrect. I called in for two sausage, egg, and cheese melts on regular white. When I got there, they handed me two sausage, egg, and cheese sandwiches, with roasted and not grilled bread. I asked to change it. The short order cook named "Andre", told me...

Waffle House / sorry service and food

Dec 8, 2018

My wife and i stopped at the waffle House in kernersville nc store number 245. All the waitress wnated to do is complain because she had to work the weekend by herself to everybody and when the waitress finally took our order she waited to tell the cook because all the cook wanted to do i...

Waffle House / uncooked chicken

Dec 8, 2018

I ordered achicken and eggs dinner from the Waffle House in Athens, Al. I stay like 15-20 out. I called to notify them that my chicken was not cooked fully and they told me I had to drive all the way back there and for me to bring the uncooked chicken to them and let them decide if it'...

Waffle House / service and attitudes

Nov 25, 2018

When we came in we we're not greeted. They were busy so I let that go. We sat at the bar and it was dirty. Jerri said she was not wiping the bar off that it wasn't her job. They were all fussing at each other very loudly. The guy cooking told one of the girls she just needed to kill...

Waffle House / cleaning and manager response also the lack of training of new employees.

Nov 22, 2018

Sunday around 2:45 pm on the 11/18/2018 me and my family stop by the Waffle House on 3335 South Cobb Dr, GA 30080 store # 1100 ticket # 5435229 to get something to eat when we come it on set at the bar I notice the place were very nasty I ask for the Manager about the kitchen stove area...

Waffle House / too much fun and good food

Nov 22, 2018

Store #602 in Staunton VA on Thanksgiving morning presented my family and I with the WH cheer, comraderie and good food to start the Holiday season. These folks and their establishment were top-rate and even poised for group shots completel with paper hats for all. When we left I hadn't had a...

Waffle House / dena who is a server

Nov 22, 2018

On Nov 21, 2018 @approx 9:10 PM my husband and I were dining at the waffle house on memorial Blvd in picayune ms. When we heard a server name dena telling to another server named Meghan that the cook was supposed to count her tips.. she was loud and boisterous. A African American server...

Waffle House / poor customer service, staff was unprofessional, order was incorrect and no manager on site to resolve the issue.

Oct 29, 2018

On Friday 10/26/2018 at 8:15 pm store #1670 2735 Forest Parkway Ellenwood, GA I called in a order for pick up. I asked how much time to allow to prepare the food and was told 5 minutes. I allowed more time to insure that the order was ready getting there 20 minutes later to find that the...

Waffle House / the appearance of the restaurant, workers and also their way of taking care of customers.

Oct 26, 2018

Hi, I hope that you will be able to visit your restaurant, 112 Cherokee Crossing Shutter, NC 28789. 828-497-6326 My husband and I had stopped for a dinner October 17, 2018 at about 7:30pm. The appearance of the restaurant was not good at all. The waitress were not dressed well at all. I...

Waffle House / donna and david

Oct 20, 2018

So me and my husband went in Waffle House On academy drive Bessemer al I was apauled by the behavior of Donna and David Donna continued to talk down to all the employees which they were working there butts while David screamed at them the entire time it is asham and disgrace the way these...

Waffle House / hygiene issues

Oct 18, 2018

Last night, 10/17/2018, my roommate and I decided to stop at a Waffle House in Brentwood, TN, before we went home. We stopped in at roughly 10:00 PM. When we pulled up, I noticed a worker outside talking to someone in a car. We get out and the worker finishes talking to this person and...

Waffle House 1960 / employee mistreatment

Oct 18, 2018

My district manager Tasha is very rude twords me each time she is at work. She talks to me with an attitude and while she is gettion on to me she is on the phine video chatting as well. She treat me totally different from other employees. I dont know if its my skin color or or my apperance...

Waffle House / mistreatmen/discrimination

Oct 15, 2018

On Oct 14, 2018 upon arrival at the Waffle House around 9:04 am located in Oxford Al which is my hometown. I requested for a booth to sit and there was two available at the time i was told by the waitress I couldn't have a booth because it was just me had to be two or more because it wa...

Waffle House / very poor customer service and unprofessional

Oct 14, 2018

Mrs. Linzey/Madea was my waitress and took over 10 minutes of me sitting at the bar before she approached me. Didn't bother greeting me nor welcoming me to the restaurant, just stood there waiting for me to tell her my order. Two African American police officers came in after me and were...

Waffle House / food, service

Oct 13, 2018

Hello, my daughter and I went to the waffle house in Villa Rica Ga., the one by Super Wal-Mart. I have never had a problem with this one before. My husband and I always go there. But tonight ruined any other chance of that!! When we walked in, and sat down at the table, the waitress took a...

Waffle House / service against employees

Oct 13, 2018

Me and my boyfriend called for a to go order at the Waffle House here in Caddo Valley, AR. As my boyfriend was trying to order, he received an unprofessional attitude while he was ordering. He kindly went out there to order and still was receiving unprofessional attitude from the...

Waffle House / customer service

Oct 11, 2018

We have been without power since Wednesday night. Decided to call WH on Veterans Blvd Dublin, Ga and order a to-go for supper(3 People) as we have no idea when we will get electricity due to hurricane Michael. We were told they were on a limited menu, laughing in the background and then WH...

Waffle House #1329 / air conditioning

Oct 10, 2018

On the evening of Oct 9 we stopped at Waffle House #1329. I am not sure of the location as we were on our vacation. Upon entering the restaurant the place was teeth chattering cold. I asked the waitress why it was so cold and she said it was because WHEN (which they were not) they get busy...

Waffle House 1738 / overcharged for food

Oct 9, 2018

Ticket #386978720 date 10/5/18 time 11:46. I was over charged for a bacon, cheese and eggs grit bowl. The waitress charged me the price for the hash brown bowl which was $7.10. I didn't have half the food as the hash brown bowl did. I would like another order or at least the difference for...

Waffle House / employee kaylee ennis

Oct 9, 2018

On Thursday night 10/4/2018 I Sharonda Wilkes started my 9pm shift. The restaurant was a mess. I came in to help clean up. I made the comment that 2nd shift needed to learn time management because the sales were really low. Kaylee asked me to take a to go order at phone but she refused to...

Waffle House / store#233 savannah hwy charleston sc

Oct 9, 2018

1. Store is filthy: *floors littered with trash and crumbs *counters are smeared with who knows what * ants crawling on table tops and dead flies in window sills *windows haven't been cleaned in a while 2. Service was terrible: Waitstaff was involved in personal conversations about family...

Waffle House / kaylie ennis has horrible customer service

Oct 9, 2018

We eat in jackson tn at casey jones lots. I debated if I wanted to call or submit a survey, as this occurred a few days ago. But when I came in again and saw the same lady with the same horrible attitude and potty mouth, I had to say something. On last week thursday I believe we are there...

Waffle House / service

Oct 8, 2018

Waiting on order, Orders ready but nones is baggibg the food. waitress asked what I had, looked at it and still didn't bag the food. Don't really know what the issue is but it seems they are not supervised on how to get the food out in decent time. I waited over 25min and still didn't get...

Waffle House / district mgr keith for store #1057

Oct 8, 2018

We are frequent customers at this store. Every time we come and Keith is here the store is very hot because he turns the air off or up to 80 or above. When we asked the servers to adjust the temperature they appear to be afraid to even ask him. That is very inconsiderate for the customer...

Waffle House / customer service

Oct 7, 2018

We had a horrible experience at our local waffle House yesterday. We sat a the bar, took forever to get our drinks, the counter was dirty & full of syrup I had to ask for a towel & clean it myself. Then the server & cook were arguing quite embarrassing to say the least. Food came it wa...