Propertypointmarbella / new scam

1 Spain

The same people behind the MacAnthony Reality International group that are now the subject of questions in the British Parliament and whose investors lost millions of euros, and whose CEO was forced to leave the National Association of Property Professionals after the company was fined for breaches of the association's codes of practice are attempting to set up under different names in America and Spain. They have closed down businesses in Europe as the net closes in on them. The right hand men in that company, Mahony and McDermot have now set up Property Point Marbella and I want to warn any potential investors that these are slick businessmen with no scruples who have already beeen an integral cog in the wheels of a machine that has left investors destitute, sick and very very angry. Think hard before giving them ANY money. The law will not protect you. Go to the website to understand fully why dealing with these people is dangerous. It is free and raised to support the victims of these ex time share salesmen and disc jockeys. Buyer beware.

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