My Wigs & Weaves -aka- MNM Ecommerce Groupwig/cheap hair, bait and switch, no delivery of product, refund of monies to insurance not honored, unprofessional, eta for delivery way off, ect

At the bottom of the post is my complaint about this business. Unfortunately, they didn't included all of the back and fourth between us. Please note how this person tries to get you to believe that she has returned the money to the insurance company and lies about not promising me the original wig I ordered. Till this day (11/21/18), this woman has neither returned the money to the insurance company nor sent the wig. Last I heard she's still in the process of making it and "will notify me when it's done". What a laugh! Should you order from her, you will be hearing this quite often. That is when you can actually speak to someone. And if they don't block your number.

About the actual wig itself. It took w-a-y too long to receive. Wrong wigs both times. !st one was cut and looked worn. 2nd wig looked ok, not what I requested and also a much cheaper version. I was supposed to be able to part it all over, but they weaved in the tracks and only left 2 inches in the front for parting. Ends tangle and shed. so I had to cut off a few inches. After a couple months, it's really tangled and almost unwearable.

The pics below: First 2 pics are of the wig I have now and she is supposed to replace. Next 2 pics are of 1st she sent and I promptly returned. The last wig is what I asked for.

Ann Williams is a swindler, thief and a liar. Don't get your wig here. You'll be sorry.

Complaint Type: Advertising/Sales Issues
Status: Unresolved


Advertising, customer service, delivery, product, refund/exchange, service issues. This business goes under 1 name dba MWaW, ************************** Most people will search for Mywigsandweaves to look up complaints and probably won't find much. I have just posted my review for this company which is also my complaint. ************************ AKA MYWIGSANDWEAVES or MYWIGSANDWEAVES.COM has been one of the most frustrating companies I've ever had the displeasure of doing business with. Let me start by saying that *************** is the contact person and I believe the owner as well. She had a southern charm that is very disarming. So pleasant and polite. That is until she gets payment. Then you see what she and her business is about. I ordered a wig through through my health plan which is ************. I had enough problems trying to get them to give me something that I was entitled to since I have a condition called alopecia totalis. She knew this, but was kinda helpful getting them to process it. But why wouldn't she be? Although I am the one to get a wig, she is the one who will financially benefit from it. It took a while from the time she got the check, till the order was actually placed. Then when I got the wig, it was nothing like I had requested. I spoke to her about sending it back because of this and at first she tried telling me I can't exchange it because so many days had passed. The reason so many days had passed is because she shipped the wig to another address. She decided she would exchange it. I had to pay for the return shipping. She said she'd refund it when she returned the wig. I waited forever for her to ship out a new wig. I kept getting told a couple of weeks and so on, and so on. She told me to call her the following Monday so she could speak with the person who was making the wig. That way she could get an estimate for when my wig would be done and ready to ship. And that's what I did. Ms. W******* acted as if she was oblivious to the reason for my call. She even got nasty, and in turn so did I.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Memphis, TN I know she did this intentionally so she would not have to answer my calls. She told me she would only deal with me via email. I was told that when the wig was finished she would notify me. It should be ready by about 5/20/2018. So I thought fine, that's a long time to wait, but as long as the wig is what I requested to begin with, then fine. When she sent the wig, it was actually earlier than she said. It once again was shipped to the wrong address - even after I gave her my current one. The wig, once again, was not what I ordered. It was supposed to be a full lace human hair wig with the straps and combs. It was supposed to be 1b with streaks of #2. It was supposed to be where I could part it anywhere. It was supposed to be like the pic I resent her of what I ordered. She gave me an all black wig made with wefts. So she had me waiting all this time so someone could put weave pieces on a wig which is supposed to have the hair put on strand by strand. Now, when I try to contact them my number is blocked. I go to their live chat and am ignored when I put in my correct info. But when I put in another name and email, someone comes on right away. I call from another number, they won't return calls. I email them, no response. BTW while chatting under a different name, I was told customer service won't be contacting anyone over the phone effective May 1st. The person who would be contacting me is **************** I am still waiting. Product_Or_Service: Cranial Prosthesis
Desired Outcome

Exchange Would like to get the order I originally requested, refund of my shipping charges refunded, both in a timely manner.
My Wigs & Weaves Response


Due to HIPAA Laws we are unable to provide more details on this patients private file. We have reached out to the insurance company & the matter is being settled directly with the insurance payor. We are unable to discuss this matter in a public forum with disclosing this patients private info. We have provided one wig and will not send another free of charge. We have cancelled this transaction & we have contacted the insurance so they can serve the client further. Beyond this comment we cannot go into further detail regarding this customer.
Customer Response


(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) I'm not accepting response until I am certain that the check in which they speak, has been mailed out and received by the insurance company. This company's website is down, my calls are blocked, and she lies a lot. She told me in 2 months she'd be shipping me the wig I originally requested, now it's this. No call or email notifying me that this is what is supposed to be taking place. So I will wait until I get the confirmation and report back that said monies have been received. Until such time, I will assume - once again - that Ms. C *** ******** is lying. I will report back as soon as she proves me wrong.
My Wigs & Weaves Response

We are working on a complimentary remake for the client. The case can remain open until we have completed & mailed the order. Regards

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111 S Highland #179, Memphis, TN 38111
BBB File Opened: 6/27/2013
Years in Business: 6
Business Started: 4/27/2012
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MNM Ecommerce Group
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Ms. Ann Williams, Director
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Ms. Ann Williams, Director
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My Wigs & Weaves -aka- MNM Ecommerce Group
My Wigs & Weaves -aka- MNM Ecommerce Group
My Wigs & Weaves -aka- MNM Ecommerce Group
My Wigs & Weaves -aka- MNM Ecommerce Group
My Wigs & Weaves -aka- MNM Ecommerce Group

Nov 21, 2018

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