My car was stolen of dealership / the dealership hasn’t replaced my car

I (Devri Smith) brought her 2015 Optima to the Berwyn Kia in May 30, 2018 where I had a scheduled appointment at 10am. I was just here on the 26th of May getting an oil change after customer service told me I had a recall on my car when will I be able to bring the car back which was May 30 when the car was stolen.

After waiting a long time, I asked worker what was going on with my car because by this time around 10:45am the guy who helped me check in told me we don't have the part for the recall in house and would have to order it. He stated that let me get your car washed and you can get out of here. It's now 11:30am I told the same man how are people who has come in after myself leaving before me WHAT IS GOING ON? He replied let me call the guy with your car. I'm very upset at this point that I'm still waiting and asked him where did he go with my car?

Him: I'm NOT sure? Me: What do you mean is he at the store joyriding in my car why don't you know where he is? Him: Let me ask the manager because I know it's NOT on the lot. He went to the back to watch videos just to find out it was stolen. I got off my work phone and called the police. Then Kia calls. So I hung up. I'm upset calling everyone my insurance, mom, the news etc.

I'm trying to keep myself from crying because how does this happen? The police comes talks to the manager Harry and proceed to go in the back office with him. The police asked me questions as if I'm the suspect. Gives me a police report number, tell Herry you guys have to do something for her about this car and leaves.

Now they (Herry) don't know how this could've happened, we are going to give you a car either way it goes. I said how am I going to get home now? I thought maybe thy could give me a loaner off the lot but Herry called enterprise. Herry told me that it he will follow up Monday when he has the police report.

Monday came no police report. Three days later my car was found set on fire in Maywood at 2:30 in the morning is when the police called to tell me. 21 days later the car is still in the tow yard collecting fees. KIA hasn't picked it up. The bank is calling me. Fast forward 30 days still no car for myself only a rental. KIA dealership calls and tells me they will pay of the remaining balance of my car and only give me a $1000 for anything that was in my car. I began to cry and asked what about my car that was stated I would have she said take it up with the dealership. Now I'm kicked out of the rental and still have no car.

My car was stolen of dealership

Jul 24, 2018

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