1 Ft Lauderdale FL, United States


Ft. Lauderdale FL, & known associate "Americo" operates a warehouse for Marcelo Jasset in FL used to export used devices to Brazil.
Marcelo Jasset, a Brazilian national, came to my home in October 2013 to purchase devices. Marcelo convinced me to "Consign" $25, 000 in Cutera Hand Pieces & pay me upon returning to Brazil. It is ILLEGAL to import "Pre Owned" Medical Devices into Brazil, so Marcelo Jasset & his partner, in Ft. Lauderdale FL, Americo, with "Seven Exports", collude & smuggle items into Brazil, utilizing private transportation & other means to conceal devices for export to Brazil. Marcelo Jasset has never paid me for a single device but I assisted a dealer with several orders, delivered to FL for export to Brazil. One order, a Deka DOT CO2 Fractional Laser, shipped to Ft. Lauderdale, via Southwest Airlines Cargo. The only person aware of the AWB # & pick up info was Marcelo Jasset & his partner Americo, when the device was picked up from SW Cargo I assumed the order was complete. After confirming the Deka was picked up, I communicated with Marcelo & Marcelo claimed neither he nor his staff picked up the device. After verifying signature of who picked up the laser, I determined an "Alias" was used & I got ripped off . Due to the Fabricated Internet slander, perpetrated by Rory Tringali, I had become a target, as no one would care or believe me, so it became open season to steal from me. I was forced to replace the Deka Co2 to Marcelo Jasset losing a $30, 000 device. On another order, I delivered several boxes from Southwest Cargo to Marcelo's warehouse in Ft. Lauderdale & upon arrival Marcelo reported one box containing (2) Laser hand pieces was missing. I had verification from Airlines & courier the box was delivered, yet Marcelo Jasset said it was missing. Marcelo noted the warehouse had surveillance cameras & after waiting months for MARCELO to produce the footage to "PROVE" the box was delivered Marcelo was conveniently unable to provide the video. The courier provided a statement the box was delivered & the airline records proved the same. I was given no choice but to ship two new laser hand pieces to FL. Months later, when pressuring Marcelo to pay $25, 000 he stated now that only "ONE" replacement laser hand piece arrived, even though I had proof two were delivered plus it had been 4 mos. & Marcelo had not said a word until pressured to pay the $25, 000 owed. Considering Marcelo can sell each HP, he claimed missing, in Brazil for $20, 000 I realized I had been played. Like a fool, I took Marcelo's word & replaced items I could prove had delivered. Marcelo sold the 5 Cutera hand pieces he stole from me, in Brazil, for $40, 000 US Dollars & never paid. Marcelo exports used Ulthera Transducers illegally reset & smuggled in to Brazil. I am reporting details of the smuggling operation to Brazilian Consulate, Economic Relations Dept., & contacting Civil Police in Brazil to report the illegal import of Pre owned & non FDA compliant medical devices. If anyone reading this is working with Marcelo Jasset he has stolen $25, 000 from me, that I can prove, & there is a Deka DOT & (2) Pixel hand pieces missing that I have proof were delivered to Marcelo in FL & I was forced to replace.

I am pursuing all money owed & have irrefutable evidence, proof, & documentation. I am engaging every legal means possible to recover. One person at a time & one post at a time, I will prove the truth behind every accusation & Fabricated Complaint.

Authored by Justin Williams

Dec 26, 2014

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