Laz-z-boy / special ordered chair

Lazy Boy,

We have 5 recliners and 2 sofas in our home from Lazy Boy but, I will never buy anything else.
Two years ago we purchased a sofa. We were not financially able to buy the matching chair that matched it. Then in May we decided we could purchase it. We visited the store and they still had the same chair but not in the same material. We wanted the material that matched the pillows that came with the sofa. So, we showed the manager the
Just chair and special ordered it. When it came 8 weeks later, they had sent the wrong chair. It was a chair and a half. We sent it back and headed back to the showroom. Once again the manager and us looked at the chair in the showroom. And she ordered again. This time when it came it was correct except it didn't have the brads on it that matched the sofa. We should have sent it back immediately but did not as we were tired of waiting. We tried but we waited about 2 months and went back and told them it was not acceptable. It is plain, plain . And quite frankly, ugly. We really tried to like it, We went back to the store and asked if we could have something done. The answer was that that chair was not the matching chair to the sofa. By this time we had been in the showroom 3 times and physically showed the chair to the manager. The manager could not remember the chair and it was no longer in the showroom. We know we are stuck with the chair. As my husband says, we are stuck with the largest $1300 mistake we have made in a very long time. Just wanted you to know of customer dissatisfaction.

Fred Slough
313 Eastwood Dr.
Keller, TX 76248

Jul 27, 2018

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