Jamestown Stamp Co / Harassment

1 341 East Third St, United States

Be aware, if you order a product, there isn't generally a problem. However, when your item is ordered they assume you want the stamps-on-approval. This is where you need to be aware. Any stamps you purchase through this program you keep and return the items you don't want, well guess what, they will take your money and then send you a bill for the rest of the items because "They were not returned". " B*** S***"
No matter how many times you tell them you returned the stamps they still bill you. This has happened twice. Both times they never received the product back even with a guaranteed delivery. I have notified them three times that I do not have the stamps they were returned the next day with payment for the ones I kept. Later I received another on approval package, this one was returned as "Refused" now I am being billed for those stamps.
Letters have been sent to them with this information, with "Do not send anymore stamps" and also to check their dock for the returns. All of this fell on deaf ears or blind eyes as they still send bills telling me I owe this money. This is crap. I will never order from them again.

Jun 3, 2015

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