Indecomm Global Services / customer service - tracking or explaining prepaid package fail to pick up

During the week of 7/16 I placed a box containing a postage meter with a prepaid label at the pick up box inside our building at 205 Regencey Executive Park Dr., Charlotte, NC 28217. Because the box would not fit inside the small opening I had to leave the box at the base of the pick up box. The package was not picked up. On 7/20 I called you customer service number to check on why. I was told that the prepaid label (#1Z8E088A0624169740) had expired and I needed to get a new prepaid label from Pitney Bowes. I was not convinced that the agent I was speaking was telling me the right information so I called again the next day and was told basically the same thing. I rec'd the new prepaid label (1Z8E0 88A [protected]) and placed it on the box still at the base of the pick up box inside the building.
I found that the box was still not picked up today. I called you customer service at [protected] and spoke with Yolanda.
Yolanda was defensive from the start and pushed back when I tried to explain I had spoken to 2 of he co-workers and the delivery agent who delivered a package to me last week. She asked me if I would take mail to the post office and leave it outside. Then said that packages that don't fit inside the pick up box aren't picked up. At no time did she express any concern or company responsibility for the mix-up. There is no signage on the pick up box that states packages left outside the box will not be picked up. Bottom line is because your staff did not answer my questions correctly at any point Pitney Bowes paid for 2 return equipment shipments and my company is still out a postage meter.
This is extremely poor customer service. UPS will definitely be the last resort shipments from this office.

Aug 01, 2018

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