Haryana Urban Development Authority / illegal constructions of house floors

1 GURGAON, India

I would like to draw the attention of the concerned authorities that according to the Housing policy of the government of haryana, only 2 and 1/2 stores are allowed to construct on the 60 Sq yards plot which have been allotted to the EWS category by the Builders. In South CIty 1, Block Q is related to the EWS category. In this Block peoples have constructed the 60 Square yards Plot and constructed 4 to 5 stories on it.

I would further like to say in this regards that builders have laid down the amenities such as sewer, water line and other amenities like width of road, parks etc according to the size of Plot and expected population in that area. In an area of 60 sq. yards plot only one or two families are allowed to live whereas at present more than 5 to 6 families are living in a Plot. Due to overstaying of families the working of amenities effected such as sewer and water connection. Sewer connection have been laid down according to the small families.E. One or two per plot. If the sewer draining from one plot will be doubled than the normal than it will overflow and create the bad atmosphere in the area. The unnecessary crowed will be developed and living condition shall be Detroit. HUDA should look into the matter and if any construction work which is constructed beyond the stipulated norms the same should be demolished immediately. It is also dangerous from the safety point of view.

If no action is being taken right now than in later stage it will be like a cancer and could not be rectified by any one. The cost of the same will be on the government that to change the system and amenities in the area.

Secondly, I would like to know that if concerned authorities are not taking action than where public should go to tell that authorities are not following the law. If a general public do not follow the law than they are penalise for the same by the police. Now which police is look after the concerned authorites those are not following the law which has been laid down for them,

Oct 17, 2017

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