Green Wing Macaw / Linda Capriotti

1 Alsea, OR, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 541 740-0887

We bougth a macaw Linda Capriotti "Pretty Parrots and Friendly Ferrets" Locate in ALSEA OR. She is a fraud as a breeder. She sold a a macaw with a crocked beak, she promised us that it will recover. We took Lily to two different vets and both vets agree that the beak will never normal. She being an experienced breeder should have know that and probably did. She sold us a defective macaw. She have problems to eat herself. We would have never bought her knowing that she will have crooked beak all her life. She refuse to fix this issue. We just want to make sure, she won’t scam again!
Species: Green Wing Macaw
Color: Red
Paula Odia
Breeder website:
Pretty Parrots and Friendly Ferrets
Alsea, Oregon
[protected] FAX
Linda Capriotti
[protected] Cell
Jim Warner
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Green Wing Macaw

Feb 14, 2015

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