Good Samaritan HospitalBad Customer Service

The staff here is rude tried to get some errors they made on there medical reports fixed and they are doing nothing. They spout off there rules and regulations in regards to fixing errors on there medical reports. The doctor that wrote the report is irresponsible and didn't write down the correct information causing possible harm to a case pending for injury. They wrote down that my wife was black even though she is indian. Shows how much they pay attention. These hospitals can cause damage to peoples lives just by some wrong words in a paragraph it is unbelievable. And then Debbie R. Lynch was rude and hung up in my face because she doesn't accept the fact that her physician makes errors. Save yourself future problems and avoid this hospital might screw up your billing too and you'll be chasing them down to fix it a lot of time and aggravation for nothing. Never been treated so rude in my life. And now have to take time off my work driving to there hospital and filling out forms to get something as simple as one word in a paragraph fixed. Debbie R Lynch needs an attitude adjustment and needs to realize that when your facility causes stress to its customers they should go out of there way to fix it. Talking over people and raising your tone and repeating laws to try and scare them out of what is right is not good customer relations. If a physician can't get something as simple as race and location of an injury right what else could they screw up on something more complex maybe the doctor rights down your appendix needs to be removed when you were in for a kidney transplant. Or maybe he says your right arm needs to be removed when it was your left. Get the point. Simple things are important.


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