Galaxy Marketing / Scam 100% commission 70h/week

1 14-20 Shand Street. London Bridge, London, England, Greater London, United Kingdom

I saw an ad on Reed for a company called Galaxy Marketing. The role description wasn't very clear since usually companies have a list with the things you will be expected to do...
Their ads say no door to door, no business promotions...

I was booked on the phone the same day I sent my cv. Quite weird because why you usually get, if you are lucky, is another recruitment agency through Reed, that will send your cv to the company that wants to hire someone. I asked this girl called Casey Wilson a couple of questions about that "salary negotiable" and she said they had a great commission scheme. ok... what scheme? what's the salary and how does the commission work??? "oh you'll see, the commission scheme is great".. Like talking to a wall...

Went to the interview to find a lot of guys like me waiting to be interviewed.. Usually interviews are booked one at a time so you might see someone leaving but dont really see 20 people waiting with you in the same lobby, for the same "position".. Also realised that the manager who interviewed me didnt even have his own office, yet he was sharing "his" office with another manager called Tom I think. Since when 2 managers share the same desk and chair?????

Had the interview with this "manager" Warren Roach... He tried to look serious at first showing control to then try to make funny comments about sports.. I guess trying to find a common ground with me. Didnt ask me anything about my previous jobs like description, reason for living.. Nothing. Just told me some story about a program, going from sales to management.. I started wondering where the marketing was..
Asked him about their website and he replied that it was under construction. After reading loads of posts now I've found out he has been saying the same story for months.. Obviously there is no website coming because it is a scam.

He mentioned events so I was thinking I would probably go to big fairs and exhibitions to build relationships with potential clients or something like that.. Big dreamer myself..

Got a call one hour later booking me for the second interview, saying the interview was very successful... no doubt! he did all the talking! Went for this interview to find out thos exhibitions i had in my head were big supermarkets!!! A cheap stand to try to get people to donate some money to a charity, using bribes like sweets and stuff to make people give their bank details to these scammers..

They expected me to work from 7am to 8pm, saturdays included, being self-employed with no holidays, insurance, sick pay...working on 100% COMISSION. Doing all this work while this loser Warren Roach would be getting drunk in the pub or the office waiting for all the guys to come back to let him know how much money they have made for him.

Galaxy Marketing is a big scam. there's no program to learn how to be a manager or anything, you will just learn hard sales, how to be pushy and how to teach this to another person so m aybe one day, if you manage to brainwash 10guys, they will make the money for you while you can join this Mr loser Warren Roach.

They put thousands of ads to get graduates to go for their interviews. It is not worth it to spend 12h a day working to get 50 miserable pounds while you can invest this time in sending applications for proper jobs..

Galaxy Marketing is bulls*** and Warren Roach a drunk loser.
Scam, supermarket 12h a day monday to saturday 100% commission

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