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5 Atlanta, GA, United States
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Finally the admin on woke up and left the ship, they all left even Kevin's right arm as he always called her !
Why ? Probably because they had enough of his c***, Kevin fooled everybody admin includes, complaining about the cost of the site when in reality the site cost him a bit more than $100.00 monthly, he fooled every admin that worked around the clock for him, they took the blames for everything while Kevin was is piling up money laughing his ### off, pretending to be so poor, This is a shame .Are you going to reward them for all the work Kevin ? Of course not, know that to be a voluntary worker does not mean that they cannot claim for a monetary compensation due to the psychological damages .How can you sleep at night knowing that you used so many people ?
I am an active member and i see what's going on just like everybody else Mr Kevin and we are waiting to see you fall .Your admin gone, your best members left the site well that alone says allot, people are not that blinded by your smooth talk Mr Kevin H ! Even your location is fake you pretend to be in Georgia but ! this site says that you are located to Michigan and your home is 22 Fawn Hill Dr Anderson SC - (4 ip)

Shame on you Kevin for abusing your own staff

  • Resolution statement

    The complaint between the user and the company has been resolved.

Feb 22, 2014

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