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Seller Order No: 7SLY-aa18471nnww-fp7371.

2016-07-14: I ordered a bikini top from the brand Aubade.
2016-07-19: I received an announcement of shipment with a fake UPS tracking number (I called UPS).
2016-07-22: I sent an email asking when I could expect my order and notified that the UPS tracking number did not work.
2016-07-28: I received something totally different than I ordered: a black bathing suite.
2016-07-29: I send a mail that the wrong items was sent.
2016-08-01: The sent the following email:

Thanks for your reply soon
I have confirmed with our warehouse department that they are out of stock now. I feel very sorry about it. But the goods you have received is our best selling.It is more expensive than the goods you have placed at our website.
So how? How about keeping the items in hand and then we could help you apply for a certain refund? I will help you to negotiate with our manager to offer you the best refund.Thank you for your cooperation!

2016-08-04: I asked for a 100% refund, because they made mistakes, not me. Also I mentioned this was not negotiable.
2016-08-05: They sent the following mail:

Dear customer,
if you really don't like it, can you send it to friends as gift or try to sell it to others, then we will refund 10% money to you as compensation, ok?

2016-08-05: Of course I did not agree and asked for a refund of 100% again.

2016-08-08: The sent the following mail:

Thank you for your understanding my mind!
After several negotiation with our manager, the best and upmost refund we could do is 15%. I have put all of my great efforts to help you. Thank you for your cooperation!
Have a good day!
Best regards,
Aline;; Wrong delivery - No return of my money;; Wrong delivery - No return of my money

Aug 13, 2016

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