FirethornePoorly Built

Ashton Woods Home is a dream killer!!! My wife and I put everything we got into building our house with Ashton Woods Home in Firethorne, Katy TX in 2013. We fall in love with the Addison floor plan. There were many thing that we wish Ashton Woods Home would do and make standard like Perry Homes. Ashton Woods Home suppose to be a mid-level home, but in my option, it worst than KB Homes and Centex Homes. A lot of problems from KB Homes, I got it with Ashton Woods Homes.

Every since I moved in the house, it always waiting for them to come repair my house. I have to take so many Friday off to sit at home waiting for them to come. Like two week ago, they schedule the granite people come in at 8, he didn't show up till 3:30.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Katy, TX I have to deal with stuff like this all year long.

The biggest problem I have with Ashton Woods Home is that, at 10 months I have foundation problem. There a long linear crack from the back patio into my living room. There are so shear pressure along the two edge of the house. At 10 months, it already start showing foundation problem. They got in structure come to look at it, he say and I quot "Right now it too small to call it foundation, within 6 months it could become foundation problem if the house doesn't stop moving. But something like this should not happen to a new house."

If I were you, I would stay away from Ashton Woods Home. They promise you a lot, but they don't want to keep they promise, until you get mean and ugly. Then maybe they keep they promise.

Feb 05, 2015

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