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I first paid a Ringgit 500 as deposit for a bridal package on 27 July 2015.

However the wedding plans were shelved and I checked with the Consultant on my options. She was very helpful and suggested I can convert the package to other personal or corporate packages. There were emails exchanged on their packages and I was very happy with their customer-centric service, Glad that they are not forfeiting my deposit.

When my fiancé and I decided to go ahead with our wedding plans, I went to pay Ringgit 1300 as deposit on 17 Oct. I had been told not to worry if I could not find any suitable gowns as they have new gowns coming in every quarter. However closer to the dates, I did not see any new gowns arrived and I was able to find only 2 out of 4 gowns I really like, and still these 2 look old if I wear them on wedding day.

Thinking that the bridal cafe is customer-centric, I shelved my plans to rent their wedding gowns, plan to switch it to a personal package. I went ahead to rent from a Bridal Shop located in Sg.

When I returned to D'gio cafe to discuss on the personal package in June, the Consultant changed her tune and insisted I have to TOP up instead of using the deposit to pay for a personal package.

Then her supervisor appeared, a gangster looking guy who raised his voice that that's the way bridal business work in Malaysia. He insisted I have to TOP up. If I don't he can only offer 1 outfit with 5 copies. This is daylight robbery. How can Ringgit 1800 only worth 1 outfit with 5 copies? I emailed them to consider their offer to me but they did not reply.

It's been more than a month now.

I hope the authority can investigate and be fair to oversea consumer. Many Singaporeans purchase bridal packages in Malaysia and I am shock this is how they treat customers at no mercy. I am not asking for a refund, just honor what they had promise me on a personal package on Ringgit 1800 which consist of the following:

1) 8R album - 20 photos
2) 11R portrait - 1 Pac
3) CD rom - selected photos with touch up
4) Crystal frame - 1 Pac
5) 1 gown and 2 casual

In comparison to what they offer now, it's ridiculous and unreasonable.

I hope your authority to investigate and check on such unethical businesses.

Thank you

Dgio Bridal Cafe

Aug 01, 2016

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