Christina Dyor / Psychic services, never replied, took payment

1 EDEGEM, Belgium

On 2-5-15 and 4-8-15 I mailed Christina Dyor orders for psychic services and products she offered in mail to me.I paid her $38 two times by personal check, a total of $76.She never replied.I then sent inquiries about my orders that she never answered.I want a refund.I don't have access to a scanner to attach relevant documents I have.Her address is Christina Dyor, PB64-2650 EDEGEM-BELGIQUE.I live in Little Canada, Minnesota.One of her offers promised health as strong as steel and special powers including but not limited to receiving millions of dollars, all of which she wrote were an inheritance from her late husband, along with renewed and extended youth.Another of her offers was for The Ring Of Luxor, an Egyptian object portrayed as not needing to be carried or worn, that protects against curses and bestows wealth and success.

Feb 2, 2017

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