Carrolls Irish GiftsCompany refuses to send goods or refund because of 'security'


I believe to have experienced some very unfortunate business practices by the company Carrolls Irish Gifts

We have made several orders with them previously & all went well on both ends.

However with our last order, we realized that we have not received it on time. After contacting the company, we were told that credit card was declined and to call the bank.
Once confirming with the bank that the payment did in fact go through, we called back.
This time while speaking to the manager, we were told that our order did not go through their 'internal security check'.
Bottom line, they are not going to ship the goods or refund the money. Manager claims that in such cases where their security system flags an order, they are not allowed to do either. I personally have never heard of such a practice, though manager claims that "all retailers use it'.

This seems rather ridiculous and deceitful. Our money (about 700 euros) has been sitting in their account for over 2 weeks and they have no intention of refunding it.

We would appreciate any assistance.

Best Regards,
Elena Oleynikova

Dec 23, 2014

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