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Well, where should I begin? I have had my blogtalk radio show higher consciousness since october the beginning, the support staff was very helpful and accessible. I even received a telephone call from one of the staff members regarding one of my concerns. However, in the past 2 years, the customer service, professionalism, ethics, and integrity have diminished dramatically.

I have had problems creating my show for at least one year. I have a weekly show, so it has not been unusual to have problems creating my show at several times a year, sometimes in the same month. I type the description, upload photos for the slideshow, adhere to the posting guidelines, and the create red button becomes gray and nothing happens. This has happened several times close to the date of airing the show.

The most recent episode happened new year's eve. I tried for hours to create a show for the following monday. The create button would not turn red, which would allowed me to create the show.

I tried to create the show at least 10 times. I sent over seven emails to blogtalk; one of the support staff only responded after I posted my dissatisfaction to blogtalk's facebook page. She then responded as if she didn't know anything about the problem. I mentioned that this was a recurring problem. She responded that I was the only person who had experienced this problem. She also stated that the engineers did not know why I was unable to create my show. The staff person asked for screen shots to corroborate my statements. All the screen shots confirmed there was a problem with blogtalk's platform. I even had my hpp support person check out the issue. She confirmed that it was a blogtalk issue.

Additionally, the staff person conceded that it was a technical issue on their side and that she would create the monday, january 7th show for me since I had been unable to do so. I sent her the following attachments: description of the show, tags, pictures for slideshow to be uploaded. The staff person lied and stated that she never received the description, only the short pitch line. Her statement was completely false. The pitch line was within the description that she chose not to include.

I had a prominent guest scheduled for the show. We decided to do a dry run in light of all of the technical problems I had experience. The dry run before the show was to determine if there were any more glitches. There were. He was unable to plug into the dry run because blogtalk does not support the cell phone carrier. Additionally, I was unable to plug into the show because blogtalk had changed my pin # without my knowledge. The recording stated the pin # I have used for six years was not a part of their system! My prominent guest cancelled due to this serious issues. Also, I had advertised to my audience around the world. I had to hurriedly send show cancellation notices to my audience, some of whom I missed because I don't have their email addresses.

Additionally, I continued to send messages to the support email for blogtalk regarding these serious issues. They have now blocked me! Additionally, they blocked me from the facebook account. They also stopped including the social media websites links on my blogtalk page.

The customer service is awful! There is no direct number to contact anyone at blogtalk and the customer service staff is very arrogant and unresponsive to email messages. Do not use this company!!! I have been a customer in good standing for six years with the $39 package. I chose not to increase my package after several requests from them. Then, I started having unexplained technical difficulties that could not be resolved.

So, I am contacting the president of the company and going to social media. If you use them, it will be at your own risk.

Jan 10, 2019

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