Abundant Technologies, LLC / Gross overcharging

1 37 Jade Street, Suite B, Walla Walla, WA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 509-525-7288

We recently moved to Walla Walla. Our new house had ethernet wiring to most rooms, but the lines had not been labeled or terminated in the junction box. I have the experience and equipment to do this, but that equipment was still packed and unavailable, and we needed the internet connections. My wife called Abundant Technologies to identify and terminate the lines. For an experienced technician, this should have been the work of at most 2 hourst, since the jacks were already installed in all locations. The tech came about 2/17 and apparently spent 6.5 hours, and managed to identify and terminate only a portion of the connections. We received a bill for $637.08, which my wife paid because she didn't know better. I called and complained. The owner said he would make an adjustment but he failed to do so, despite additional calls. This charge is outrageous for the service provided. The charge should have been roughly $200, and they should have provided a bid prior to the work.


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