Comfort Inn Nashville-Vanderbiltbooking date

On July the 2, 2019 I booked a reservation for Comfort Inn through Expedia and I entered the date for the reservation of November 20, 2019. When I received the email confirmation the date for reservation was July 2, 2019. I immediately called Expedia and told them what happened and the customer service person referred me back to the Comfort Inn. I then called Comfort Inn Nashville-Vanderbilt and was told I had to speak with Expedia so I called back and was told they would call Comfort Inn. They did while I was on the phone and was told the manager was not in. In the mean time my husband called Comfort Inn and the man who answered the phone told him "we will get our money". My credit card was charged the price of the room while this was going on, for a no show for that night of July 2, 2019. All someone had to do was go into the computer and change the date to the correct date of November 20, 2019. Seriously are you telling me Expedia or Comfort Inn could not simply change the date for me? All would have been taken care of with a computer click. So now it is the end of September and I still had to pay for a room I did not want in July and the issue is still not resolved.

Sep 30, 2019

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