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C2C Wholesale LLC reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Sep 2, 2009. The latest review Poor quality was posted on Sep 2, 2009. The latest complaint Poor quality was resolved on Sep 02, 2009. C2C Wholesale LLC has an average consumer rating of 5 stars from 1 reviews. C2C Wholesale LLC has resolved 1 complaints.

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United States - 4912

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C2C WholesalePoor quality

These people paint a rosy picture of high quality jewelry shelf pulls from major departments stores in the USA. When the jewelry arrived it was not worth more than dollar store items. The quality was the pits. On one piece we purchased ($7.95) The ad said the item solf for $99 to $599 retail in high quality jewelry stores. Walmart Canada had it for sale $19.95(can.) This company is a joke - beware.

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    • Ja
      jay29 Sep 02, 2015

      they are crooks, DO NOT BUY.

      I called to buy some products for $23, 000. The lady confirmed the sale and sent me an order form. I requested to see the product in their warehouse. According to her, the warehouse is in Atlanta Georgia but she insisted that I have to pay the full amount first and then i can see the product. She tried to convince me that nothing in the warehouse would interest me and that it would be better to have the products just sent to me. She sent me info so that i could send money to a bank of america account. BEWARE
      -Jay, dallas tx

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    • Sa
      sasya Fashion store Jun 21, 2015

      new company address is:
      Premier Wholesaler, LLC
      8044 Montgomery Rd Ste 700, Cincinnati, OH 45236

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    • Sa
      sasya Fashion store Jun 20, 2015

      This company is not serious and will not communicate after have the money collected and decline calls and mails. I should have seen this forum before sending USD 20.000. I checked more internet site and found many similar stories from buyers. The only interest is to take away your money. I already reported to police and FBI office in different cities as well their special force for internet crime. They just started the investigation and hopefully will catch them very soon. Don't trust them as you can see many same complains, this company is full with criminals. If you have same experience just get in touch with me and I will re-connect you to the FBI office in the US. This company is full of liars, please be careful with them. The worst is that they still reply some mails with strange excuses and full of liar. My shipper company confirmed their behaviour and was willing t send additional report to the police. Don't except the lost of you money!!! These people should be in jail for long time!

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    • Ba
      BARGAINS HOUSE May 15, 2015

      Buyers be aware of these hit and run drivers of internet frauds.
      Run, run, run.
      Premier wholesalers and its other assumed names like “allprimeproducts.com, salvagecloseouts.com, departmentstoreliquidations.com, c2c wholesale and others not yet discovered are scammers and they conduct internet frauds against unsuspecting consumers. They aimed to collect your wired funds and are not in business to meet buyer’s needs. They sell you junk and cheap worthless products shipped directly from china. They win and you lose, lose, lose, after they get your wired non - recoverable funds; because they cover themselves with fine hiding prints words line that is rarely seen or read at the bottom website page.
      Ordered authentic high ends top name brands handbags from them at $9. 50 for 300 pieces, total of $3000 dollars they collected from us. We received less of 275 pieces of no names, counterfeit cheap $2 dollars bags shipped from china. No name brands as stated on their websites listing and images. We requested to return order for our refund back, if they are not going to send us the correct order. They refused refund and will not further address any of our concerns, just like that, case closed, period.
      Buyer save yourself the hassle and money, they are truly "very dishonest bad sellers".

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    • Mu
      Murs Nov 14, 2014
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      I agree - stay away from C2C wholesale.
      Assorted Potluck Brand New Overstocked Lots (C2CL409) was pure garbage. Most items will not fetch even twenty five cents.
      Earrings are sold precisely by the pair - so one card with 3 pairs will count as 3 - unlike most in the industry who count by card.
      Robyn was responsive but did nothing to satisfy this customer.

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    • Pr
      Premierwholesaler Sep 19, 2014
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      Mohand from Canada. You have never bought from us, so I don't
      know how you even come off making a complaint about someone you have never dealt

      In regards to all you other people on here who assume that
      we are C2C wholesale, your information is false and don't even know how you
      people come up with this information. People like you guys, give companies all
      over the world a band name as you have nothing else better to do then slander
      companies you have never dealt with. We have been doing business for 12 years
      and won't stop. Our company is continuing to do great. I will not come back on here to comment back
      to any of you people as it's not worth our business time to bicker back and


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    • Ka
      Kaddourms Sep 14, 2014

      Hi yes i think they are crooks!!! I just buy for 25000$ from premier wholesaler And i get email that confirme my purchase but, I feel it´s not professional, she want transfert money to Account Name : PS média ! Its very wied .
      Beware i dont trust this compagnie
      Mohand from Canada

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    • Fm
      fmfre81 Nov 19, 2013
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      They are crooks!!
      The have a new site now go by the name Premier wholesaler http://www.premierwholesaler.com before they where c2c wholesale, before that CMOS wholesale and before that my web wholesaler. Beware !!!

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    • Fm
      fmfre81 Nov 19, 2013
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      You guys are crooks, now you opened a new site because of all the complaints you got online the site is http://www.premierwholesaler.com/
      Premier wholesaler before it was c2c wholesale, cams wholesale and my web wholesaler it's all the same. Beware for those thrives !!!

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    • Ma
      madwholesaler Oct 21, 2010

      We have already closed this matter so has Pay pal

      You leaving crude accusations across the net will not help your case.

      We are having our lawyer look over the feed back you have left on Complaints.com and the [redacted].
      We are considering suing you. I can assure you that it is not about the money, it is a small amount but in
      Principle that is a high cost.

      Defamation, Libel & Slander: Overview
      Defamation is a legal action sounding in tort based on an intentional or reckless public false statement that injures another person's reputation. Libel and slander are types of defamation. Generally, libel is defamation in print and slander is spoken defamation.

      We are and never have been CMD wholesale. If you had looked into this a little more you would have known that.

      NOR does it say on Ebay that you need anything to be boxed with certificate to sell the merchandise.

      NOR did we send you counterfeit Disney products. Again your really need to get your facts straight.

      We do not take Slander Lightly …

      We understand that you are dissatisfied. We tried to work you. However threatening emails and leaving false accusations
      Have led us to believe that there is nothing we can do to satisfy you.

      Asking our company to refund you money more then you had paid plus an additional $25.00 Before we receive product is not the way we do business.
      We have talked with Pay Pal about the matter and they agree. They closed the case the same day you pursed it. It was closed with in minutes. You did not pay $25.00 dollars for your shipping you paid a Flat rate of $19.99 plus Maine sales tax. We emailed you for your Maine tax ID to be able to waive this but you did not send it in.

      We are not sure what your expectations are when purchasing a mixed lot of goods . You did not only buy Chico necklaces and Swavorki Jewelry.
      Again you ordered a mixed lot of goods. Yes we did change the photo because of your complaint we did not want any body else to buy with out reading the ad, Most read the ad before they hit the purchase button not just look at the photo. We understand the economy is tight but
      Again we do not expect another business to go and threaten and slander a company over $2.00 a piece Jewelry.

      My husband and I are retired Military 21 Years United States Coast Guard and I hardly doubt they would like you using there name in a way to fight your poor judgment.

      We will refund you once we receive product so long as it is not broken in any way and is all there. So we will have absolutely the evidence in hand to show our attorney what you received. It will further help our case against you.

      Thank You

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    • Aq
      AQbuys Oct 07, 2010

      I agree with the complaints here against

      C2C Wholesale LLC
      237 South Main Street
      Athens, Maine 04912
      United States

      I am an eBay seller and own a thrift store in Limerick, Maine. Last week, I purchased the following from this company:

      Assorted Ebay Sellers Jewelry Dream Lot

      Do you sell on Ebay?
      Do you want a lot of merchandise you can invest in that will allow you to profit on EBAY handsomely? Do you want a
      lot of merchandise that wont cost you alot to get started? Well we have developed the Ebayers Dream Reseller Lot...
      This is a resellers lot designed with the top selling wholesale designer jewelry on the market!

      In each lot your guaranteed to receive Joan Rivers Necklaces and these sell on EBAY upwards of $28.00 per piece.
      Your guaranteed to receive Swarovski name brand jewelry stamped and marked that sells for $40 per piece and up.

      When the package arrived, it was missing the Joan Rivers Necklaces and the Swarovski name brand, stamped jewelry.

      Robin Flanders responded to my email and told me: "You are looking at an old ad, You should have received Chico Necklaces worth the same value ". She did not address my complaint that "I did receive an item that states it is made with genuine swarovski stones, but this is not a swarovski name brand item as it did not come in an original Swarovski box nor with a certificate of authentication which is the only way to prove the item is name brand Swarovski. " and I thus am unable to resell the item as Swarovski on eBay or any other seller site. She did state: "Also we did not state that come with we were sending box and certificates .. It is a starter lot .. We sell everyday." but did not give me any information to help me determine the authenticity of the "Swarovski name brand jewelry".

      Her next email states: "I am sorry you are not happy with your order, but this is in no way false advertising .. All sales are final, You may return your product but you will incur an 25% restocking fee as well as incur the cost to ship it back. We would never give a credit until we receive items to check for damage."

      Within a few minutes of sending my emails, the product page located at http://c2cwholesale.com/scripts/prodView.asp?idProduct=1009 was changed. I took a screenshot and was able to catch the photo on the page containing pictures of the Joan Rivers products. This photo was changed within 24 hours and no longer shows the Joan Rivers products.

      Robin Flanders gave me a $4 refund for the two Joan Rivers products after I requested full refund. Again, the company has not addressed their claim that they sold me a brand name Swarovski item.

      The fact is that I purchased one wholesale package and C2C sent me a different package and admitted it. If Ms. Flanders does not find this to be 'false advertising' then it is certainly blatant bait and switch - which is also illegal. Paypal is investigating and I will be filing a complaint with the Consumer Division of The State of Maine Attorney General. Since I live within driving distance of C2C Wholesale, if Ms. Flanders continues to refuse full refund, I have the option to drive to Athens, Maine and knock on her door with the Athens Police Department, County Sheriff or State Police whom I am certain will be happy to file criminal charges.

      I am a Staff Officer for the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary and our business is a member of The Disability Chamber of Commerce. We take this type of fraud and theft very seriously.

      A lot of the items I found in the package are stamped 'made in china' . I did find a pair of Disney earrings in the package though I am not certain they are authentic as I own a pair of the same design, authentic Disney earrings that I purchased in Orlando, Florida. The authentic Disney earrings are smaller in size. Perhaps I will remove the Disney earrings from the box, give C2C $2, then send the earrings to Disney for their examination and determination if C2C Wholesale is selling authentic Disney products? I understand that Disney takes this type of fraud very seriously too.

      I am attaching a photo showing the C2C website page containing the item that I purchased. Note that the image shows the Joan Rivers items but the text has been changed to state that the buyer will receive "chico" items. The package I received did not contain anything that stated it was "Chico" - I am not familiar with this brand. I researched Joan Rivers and Swarovski items prior to my purchase and those are the items that I am prepared to resell on eBay - as stated in the original advertisement "Ebay Sellers Jewelry Dream Lot".

      If you cannot see the image, you can find it here http://www.nuts4nature.com/c2cwholesale.jpg

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    • Fm
      fmfre81 May 16, 2010
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      c2cwholesale is the same crooks from mywebwholesaler check this link /URL removed/

      do not buy from those people they will suck you dry and run with your money.
      They build new sites every day so you cant tell who they realy are.

      Those thives from Athens Maine always get away. Again BE WARE

      -1 Votes
    • C2
      c2c Sep 10, 2009

      Brand New Sterling Silver overlay and CZ Journey Pendant! With 18 inch Sterling overlay Chain. This pendant measures a generous 1 and 1/2 inches long and 1/4 inch across the largest stone. Show her that you are going to be there to share in her journey to eternity. Available in Gold and Silver overlay Mixed.

      It is absolutely STUNNING and very hard to find!!

      Purchase 12 Necklaces


      -1 Votes
    • C2
      c2c Sep 10, 2009

      Dave, we are not sure why you are not telling the truth about what you paid for product as the Sterling Silver overlay and CZ Journey Pendant. Was on sale and you did not pay $7.95 for the product but you actually paid sale price of $5.99 Each plus free shipping.

      It was never sold as quality jewelry shelf pulls from major departments stores in the USA. We do sell lots like that but this was never in the advert for this lot.

      We have sold plenty of these lots without any complaints.

      As we stated to you we are sorry you are not happy with your purchase but if you are going to make a complaint please at least be truthful.

      I am not sure what your expectations were at time of purchase. It is our belief that a potential of more then doubling your money as stated by you that you could purchase this product at Walmart Canada for $19.95

      We did email you and ask what you would like us to do to make you happy, Your response was nothing.

      I just want others to know that when they purchase at c2cwholesale that we do our best within reason to address customer complaints.

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