AirAsia AK5137, 5.45pm, 12 Sept 2018seat consideration

S Sep 12, 2018

My flight 12 Sep 18, AK5137, 5.45pm. I really like Airasia. But today is the worst for me.
I am with my husband was seat at 17B & 17C. After take off, we change our seat to seat row 14D & 1 of the crew said cant change. We told him the seat was very uncomfortable coz our leg got stuck. The passenger infront if us lay down their seat. Then crew said he will refer to his incharge. Then he said his incharge said cannot coz afraid other passenger will make it an issue. I dont know what is your seat policy in details. I just want to tell you my bad experience with the service. So me and my husband go back to our seat and seat with all the pain at our leg until landing. The crew said he will find other seat, but until landing No Action. Very poor service. And the reason afraid other passenger will make it an issue is only an excuses. Other passenger can see our problem and if other passenger ask why we can change our seat, your crew can explain and I believe the other passenger can understand. Or if the other passenger cant understand, just come back to us said other passenger is complaining. They it is our side to make the passenger understand. Previous flights, the crew can understand. If sometimes the infront passenger not lay down his/her seat, I will stay at my seat. If there is no consideration about the seat, please let me know. And if there is any policy stated no consideration will be given about the seat, please provide it to me. So I will try to understand your policy and probably look for my own way to choose the airlines. I know other passenger like me (long leg/maybe more long than me) also facing this issue.
Please email me for any communication: [protected]
No verbal communication please, more prefer black and white.

Thank you & peace. Just a feedback for your good customer service improvement. Hope they will be a good improvement from Airasia. ✌

seat consideration

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