My family had a very bad experience with the Welcome Tour Agencies in India and their owner Mr.Karunanidhi.Our whole trip was planned 9 months earlier with the agency, however until the last week before leaving to India, the agency could not finalize the payment.After arriving in India (25/05/2012) they was a poor welcoming manner (not as what they advertised in their web).The vehicle provided for our group of 12 person including 3 young children was extremely in bad condition, until the driver need to placed rocks under the rear tyre whenever he stopped the vehicle(hand brake malfunctioning).The drivers are kept on complaining about their boss and their company in providing a poor service.We were once told to find our own way while reaching Thirupathi when the office staff could not accept our sincere complaint on the vehicle condition and was immediately informed to settle all the payment due to them.This is a bad experience for us with our children on board.And as we thought the vehicle broke down on our way back to Chennai along the road side night at 10pm and we were stranded there for almost 5 hours before the replacement vehicle arrived at 3am.After all the hassled we have gone through, The owner refused to compensate anything and informed us to do what we can, a very unprofessional manner to do this business.I sincerely recommend to all who choose this agency, not to get cheated by this idiots.

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