Uzzi Mabopanemanager in charge on the 02 november 2019

M Nov 02, 2019

I experienced a bad service at uzzi mabopane... I made my account payment and made a cash purchas3 since they are having a sale... So I was carrying my handbag and a small bag with my business papers... So since I bought shoes I decided to put that small bag inside the plastic containing the purchas3 I made at uzzi so that I wont be carrying alot of things... So it happened that the plastic handle got damaged and I asked the manager on duty on the 02/11/19 if I can get another one since I wont be able to carry the plastic cause the handle got damaged the respond I received from the manager was "you wont be able to get another plastic cause you are the one who decided to force the small bag in that plastic so find a way to carry that plastic" and indeed I left the shop with a plastic that had no handles... So am very shocked if this is how customers should be treated

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