State of florida child support disbursement unitSending payments to wrong address


I haven't received a child support payment for almost eight months because they have been being sent to my old address. I have contacted the state of Florida department of revenue and the state of Florida child support disbursement unit on numerous occasions and given both organisations my correct address. I have had to get affidavits to stop payment on two different occasions and have them notarized (which costs me money) just to have the checks voided and then sent to the wrong address yet again. I was informed by the dept. of revenue that the payments will continue to go to my old address because the child supports computer systems are down and apparently have been for about six months. In my opinion, this needs to be investigated as I have seen in the local news lately that I am (by far) not the only person having a problem out of their "computer system" which is a brand new system that has cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

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