Michelle Burgerscammer on the dating site


I am from South Africa. Went on the dating site and connected with a person by the name of Mike from HoutBay. After several conversations with him we exchanged numbers. Been talking for 3 weeks when he first started asking for small things like iTunes cards. He apparently is on a oil rig now. Gave me the number of the nanny that works for him to look after his son. Every time I phone I could not speak to the child. He again and again had stories why he needed money. I did the image reverse can't find anything online. He phoned and his accent is definitely not from the region he says he is from. He uses language like am good. He will leave out the I. Can you please check him out as I've got reason to believe that he is a scammer from Nigeria. His number is [protected]. Before he try to scam someone else. Mike, [protected], [protected] If it is in any one possible may I ask for feedback. Kind regards Michelle Burger. [protected], [protected]

Michelle Burger
Michelle Burger

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