Maruthi Eccoinsurance

Subj.: Maruthi Ecco 5 Seater AC Reg: KL10AE6045
Chasis 126947 Engine 107247

I had been a satisfied customer of Maruthi Omni for the last 4 years. When you had introduced Ecco series I had made a booking on early January 2010 and got delivery of the vehicle on 7th April 2010. I am running a grocery shop and used to go for purchases during weekdays and used to travel with family on weekends. I was a proud Owner of Ecco and very much excited with its performance and features.

Unfortunately, during a trip for my regular purchase on 2nd July 2010, me and my friend met with an accident and survived with minor injuries. During the mishap, I had lost the money which I was carrying for my purchase.

Within two hours, the vehicle was towed to the Maruthi dealer and a survey was carried out on 5th July 2010 for repair the body shell was damaged. As per the MOS Job order sheet No. 3518 of A.M. Motors Malappuram, Kerala the promised delivery after repair was 15/8/2010.

Now a month after the promised date I received a call from the dealer informing me to pay Rs 30, 000.00 and collect the vehicle which is ready after repair. I was really shocked when I hear and seen a 5 page bill totalling 73 items replacement for Rs 1, 78, 596.00 plus a repair charges of 40, 000.00 approx. When I refused to pay Rs 30, 000.00 they have asked me to complaint wherever I can they challenged to go for a court case.

When I checked the bill received, I was surprised to see that most of the items which they claim as replaced was not actually replaced and not even damaged during the accident. I feel I am terribly cheated with the dealer and I could have repaired this vehicle at any local body repair shop at a much a lesser amount.
I also fail to understand why I have to pay such a huge amount for a first class insured vehicle which was hardly used for three months.

Myself and my business was suffering with no vehicle for a last three months and on top of that I was paying the installment of Rs 5, 000.00 for hire purchase thru Sundaram Finance, with having the vehicle. I used to hire the vehicle for my day to day purchases.

You are requested to kindly look in to this matter and resolve the issue with amicable solution and release the vehicle at an early date.

With best regards
Abdul Rasakk
Edappatta House, Pothukallu

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