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I want to warn people about loves spell/reunite lover/psychic scams on the internet. The woman I am writing about is called Aggie Marks, and her site used to be Earlier this year I was very depressed and in a bad state about a man I thought I was in love with and wanted to be with. We had been on and off for 18 months and I really wanted to be with him so badly I thought I couldn't live without him. One day after a bad fight with him I started searching the internet for help. I came across this site and I phoned the number. The woman I spoke to seemed sincere. She said she could help. She said she was very powerful. But she said her work was spendy. I was unsure but she was so convincing. Her site says she can reunite lovers within hours. Have your lover back tonight her site says. She plays on your unhappy and desperate state. I asked her how much she charged for her work. She said she would charge $450. I told her that I couldn't afford that kind of money. Then she starts getting pushy. "Don't you want to be happy? Don't you want this man? I can make this happen for you." She then says "Can you get half of it?". See these scammers are so clever. They make you think they are doing you a favor by cutting the price but really they want your money and any of it will do. So I said to her that maybe I could get some money to her. She says "How soon can you get it to me?" As she wanted the money by Western Union or MoneyGram (very dangerous!) I told her it would take me a bit of time to get it together for her. After that she proceeded to harass me for the money. I eventually got it to her. She says she will call me the next day. She called me the next evening and says "Wow there is so much negativity between the two of you. I consulted my shaman and you two were supposed to be together 3 years ago" I find that hard to believe as I wasn't even in the United States 3 years ago and I was married at the time. She says "Well baby I can fix this for you but it's gonna cost you. But God has told me I can help you. I am a direct descendent from the 7 sisters and I have the power to fix this. He will be at your beck and call within 10 days. And by the end of the year he will be asking you to marry him" Well after one failed marriage the thought of remarrying anyone anytime soon scares me to death! So I asked her how much she would require. She says "$875" I said "No can't afford that. That's the price of my rent and I am a single parent. So no can do" and then she starts on at me again asking if I can borrow the money, do I have a credit card I can put the money on. I said "No" and she says "God has told me I can do the work for $500 and that I will stump up the remaining $375" Wow I think she really wants to help. See how they prey upon peoples unhappiness? So for all of those who are going to shout me down and say I was stupid and I deserved what happened to me you need to remember that I was unhappy. I had just come out of a bad marriage and then dove headfirst into another relationship with a man who was very similar to my ex. My self esteem was in the gutter. So I agreed. I sent her the money the next day. She calls me and says I have to believe in her and that will help the spell along. So I did. My loverman texted me a few a times so I truly thought the spell was working. Anyway a few days later Aggie phoned me and said she is going into a deep meditation on my case and that she will be uncontactable. Yeah I am sure she went to the casino for a few days with my money and didn't want to be bothered. So I left her to it and got in with my life. Oh and I should mention that before she went into her "deep meditation/trip to the casino" she told me to text my lover man. So I did and of course he texted me back but everything was still the same. He only wanted me for sex blah blah. So you know how this story ended. Nothing happened. If I am honest I wasn't too surprised because I started to think about things and I just had a feeling that I had been scammed. It got to be May and I became very angry. How dare this woman treat me like this? How dare she scam me? Yes I was a fool but what right does anyone have to prey upon your happiness? If she had any kindness in her she would have told me to go to the doctor and get some help. I looked up her website again and I noticed all the "testimonials" (which were not on her site before) were addressed to a Ms Helen and that everybody got their lover back within a few hours. Hmmmm... so I texted her and asked her if she was a scammer. She said no she is not a scammer and she is still working on my case. Huh? She is still working for me but she has not contacted me in about 6 weeks? She didn't feel that she should tell me this? I said well okay but you have $800 of my money and I have no result. She said text me later. So I did and she doesn't answer me. I text her again and tell her she owes it to me to tell me what's going on. She says she has cleared up the last bit of negativity and that in 3 to 4 days time my lover will come back to me. It was at this point that I actually decided I didn't want that man anymore because he was just too nasty to me and I didn't need it. I even told her I didn't want this man anymore but she said I did. A couple of days later nothing happened still. Hmmm... so I wrote a report about her on /edited/. Then a few weeks later I start getting phone calls from Aggie Marks. I refused to answer them. Then she texts me and says she doesn't appreciate being put on a scammer website. She is not a scammer and she is going to get her lawyer after me. See now she messed with the wrong woman because yes I was foolish but not anymore. I advised her not to threaten me with her lawyer because I work for attorneys I had her number on that. Then she starts to threaten me again and says she is going to turn everybody against me and that she is going to tell everybody about my loverman and that she is going to phone him because she has his numbers. Ha ha. Who cares? I don't. Anyway I am pretty sure she wouldn't do that because trying to find him would take time away from her next victim. I also know my lover pretty well and if she had phoned him I would have heard about it. I phoned the Shreveport Police and reported her. I phoned the FBI and reported her. I phoned the Attorney General in Louisiana and reported her. And then another person came forward who had been scammed by her for $17, 000. So I had a lucky escape! Not that I would have paid another dime but still. Her website is down but I believe she has another one up. It is It is similar to her previous one and mentions a lot of stuff that she told me over the phone. Aggie Marks messed with the wrong woman. I will not be bullied and I won't rest until she stops her scam. It's wrong and it's evil. Aggie will have to answer to her maker one day and she will be judged for what she did to people. It's true that I was dumb but in a way I have learnt my lesson. I feel so much more positive then I did before. I have a great life. I am happy. I have a great job, good friends, a great kid. My life is not negative. It's good. It's how I react to things that brings good or bad stuff into it. So in a strange way I have Aggie to thank for making me see the light as it were. Incidentally for anybody considering using a love spell psychic well there are 1000's of them out there on the internet. But they are not real. They all say the same thing, because I decided to do some research into it. I phoned some of them and they all said the same thing "this man is your soul mate but there is evil/negativity/curses surrounding you. you won't be happy until I fix it for you. your life will be wrecked if I do not do this work for you. it will only cost you $100" ... now imagine if 5 people call these phony love psychics up and each pay $100 ... well said phony love psychic would make $500 for doing nothing. Pretty sweet deal huh? Thank you for letting me share my story. If it makes one poor soul think twice about giving their hard earned cash to some phony voodoo love psychic I am happy. Incidentally if anyone is looking for a good psychic I would recommend the asknow network. They have a fab psychic called Katya. I consult her fairly regularly. She is very spot on and so nice about everything. She tells you how it is and if you are going to spend your money on this sort of thing then she is your woman.

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