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Gold Ball Group lied to us

I received a phone call offering a great deal on a vacation package to Cancun. I asked specifically regarding time share selling and was told that this not a time share promotion. They told me that the hotels wanted to be filled and then for us to come home sand share with our friends and family our experience. Both my sister and I ended up purchasing two separate vacation packages from them for each of our families. we did this on the same phone call, with the same seller. He was very aware of our intent to travel together with our children and each other to enjoy our vacations. the only stipulation that we were warned about ws that the vacations had to be used within 18 months of purchase. Fast forward to today when I contacted Gold Ball Group to book our upcoming vacations and was sent a large list of terms and conditions on taking our vacation. The first of which was that this was indeed a time share promotion, then all of the restrictions and conditions that go along with that. The most upsetting one to both my sister and I is the one that states that family or friends travelling together, even with separate confirmation numbers, can not both use the promotion. That one of the parties will be charged the full rate by the hotel! The seller was aware of our intent with our purchase and blatantly led to us to get our money. When I contacted Gold Ball Group about this I was told the only way to remedy this would be to pay more money to enable us to travel together or for us to travel to separate resorts! There was no apology or even an acknowledgment of the wrong doing they had done! They are a huge scam! Stay away, stay away stay away. My sister and I have had to learn the hard way as our vacations are now ruined!

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