World Christianship / Did not receive paid for package.

I have called this one man, several times. I felt it had been such a long time. He was rude and curt. The office girl who graded these tests was out and had a baby. This was fine. Things take time. This man has emotional problems and gets angry. I never once had a voice raised to him. He cuts you off mid sentance, and is agitated. I have asked, and prayed someone else would answer. It is always this man, who calls himself ED.

I paid for package #four completed with all test results. Today, 9/25/10, I called to tell him I was happy to have the passed eight signed Bible study programs and all certificates with my name, Barbara Miller, Ordained Minister signed by Desma McElroy who is an Admin. Assist.

I asked to speak to someone else, as he was esculating his anger and not permitting me to ask a completed question. He said NO one else, only him. I said you are treating me with disrespect, raising your voice, and it is not Christian, for this ministry. Obviously I am a Christian who completed every test, and passed, as I have the completed certificates. He was becoming increasingly agitated. Asking if I had mental problems? Again, he was becoming angry, claiming I was confused, did I have old mailing containers to search through. I said, I have an orderly home, not cluttered. I spilled out contents on the carpet. And furthermore, I could not get him to answer, why I would be presented these booklets and a certifcate wallet card and funeral items listed on their site for package #four. $225. He said, I will give you your money back, send every paper you received with containers. I explained, I do not keep opened used containers since Oct. 19.. I no longer have them. WELL, send back every scrap of paper including your parchament papers of Ordination certificates. I tried to tell him, if I had I received the booklets and pocket lamination with other items, I would have been studing them. I had nothing, other than the Bible study courses. I did not want a refund, as I have spent hours studying, and I have ordered my equipment and other ministerial books and items. He told me he was the only one at the business. When I asked to speak to another person, he was enraged. I fear he has mental problems, he was never nice, even once. I asked him what my recourse could be, if I was not permitted to speak to anyone else? Should I call BBB? He said, do what you want to, you are crazy. I said, Sir, I have spent day and night studying and dreaming for this moment. Why would I steal if I am a Christian. He said, you are not getting the other products we mailed. I checked the P.O. and called you back. The package weighed 2.8 oz. So you got all the handbooks and certificates, clergy sign, lamitated card, WE will just tell them our side of the story, and that we offered you your money back. You are a thief, I am not mailing you anything.

I have worked for this, I would not lie. "YOU ARE CRAZY, YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN", and he slammed down the phone. I cried. I am a lady, this was a sense of joy for me, he has thrown it in my face, and broken my heart...for now. This happened about 4pm 9/25/10.
This is what I expected after my completed Bible Study course's and I mailed them in one envelope 8/27/10.
I did not received one thing, and he said, I was stealing, asking for this again. NO one, would testifiy to my nature as not being totally honest. Below, are items missing from my paid promise.

• Certificate of Ordination and License
Certificate of Title
• Pocket Laminated Ordination Card
• Legal Status
• Marriage Certificates (5 pack)
• Baptism Certificates (5 pack)
• Preparing Your First Sermon
• Marriage Laws in Your State
• Ceremonies for Marriage
• Ceremonies for Baptism
• Ceremonies for Funerals
• Ways Your Church or Ministry Can Raise Money
• CLERGY Dashboard Sign
• Ordained by Mail Volume 1
• Ordained by Mail Volume 2
• Marriage Ministers Handbook
• Guidebook for New Clergy
• Marriage Laws for All 50 States
• Religious Freedom Handbook
• Bible Index #2
• Equal to All, Better thank None
• New Testament Bible Course
• Old Testament Bible Course
• "As Jesus Taught It" Bible Course
• Moral and Values Bible Course
• "The Bible Says, " Course #1
• "The Bible Says, " Course #2


• Independent Church Charter for Churches or Ministries
• Honorary Doctor of Divinity
• Pastoral Counselor Certificate

Clergy Package #4

• Certificate of Achievement
• Ordination Letter on Parchment Paper with Gold Seal
• How to formally Establish Your Church or Ministry in a Simple Way
• Handbook of Ceremonies and Rites
• The Book
This is what I was to have received. I am chronically ill, I have been a Christian since I was a child. Why would someone who claims to be working for a Christ centered business, hang up on a person who is tender of heart?
Can you help me please? Thank you, Barbara

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