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I have come across this name in emails, when I am able to get into my emails forr literally a second or two. I have no clue how what or who has been spying on me and my own accounts! It has been driving me crazy for sometime now and have been unsuccessful in getting google, yahoo, or mspy's attention in this matter!!! I have children and whoever or whatever robot or fool of a human is controlling my phone management and data. Between the mocking of placing pictures of a cartoon laughing in place of me getting into my own photos, (of my children!!!), or a broken heart in place of me getting into a website, mostly my google and yahoo maill, just adding more anger and fuel to the fire, intentionally!! Whomever has instigated this torture and mess in my life needs to stop this sick [censored] now!!! It has started to consume my life, and I have children to tend to! I've tried switching phone's (8 or more of them now, getting 6+ new phone numbers) and it does not [censored]ing stop!!! I've done had it and I am going to email or call or text as many people or businesses related to spying or illegally controlling phone's!!! So if there is some possible way that in a legal manner, someone in this place of business tell me if your [censored] is destroying my [censored]ing life or if you can lead me to how to remove this [censored]ing disgust from my life!!! My children need their mother back, so I need my security and privacy to live my [censored]ing life back!!!
Please email [protected] or [protected] (if I will even receive them) or text or call my cell phones at [protected] or [protected]!

Kindest regards,
Michelle Hok

Oct 26, 2018

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