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To Burt Nunley and Richard Sosland, and USOnline America Group

On June 04, 2010 I was searching the web hopefully looking to start a legitimate home based business. I came across a site and entered some information and when the information became too detailed I sensed an uneasy feeling and aborted the search. However my email address was enough to start a series of events involving USOnline America Group, a fortune 500 company no less.

It was later that afternoon on June 04, 2010 when I was first contacted by Richard Sosland representing USOnline America Group. I was telling him that I was not sure of proceeding with a home based business at that time due to the costs. The initial contact last approximately 90 minutes on the telephone where he vigorously tried to convince me that it was a good thing for me to get into. I broke off the conversation because I was about to sit down for supper. He told me to call back later and left me this phone number [protected]). I called back after supper about 6:45 pm and spoke to a man with an Asian accent and said I have the wrong number. I called again to make sure that I dialed the number properly and was speaking to the same person. Warning bells rang.

Richard Sosland called me back the following day and asked why I didn’t call back, I said I did, and explained what had happened the evening before and he said he was going to look into it. I do not recall the result of that however he picked up again on the sales pitch and again vigorously continued selling me on how good this would be good for me.

He explained the three levels of ad campaigns with the prices and amount of hits one could expect at well the amount of sale hits required to break even per month. It was very detailed and convincing. I eventually agreed to trust Richard Sosland at his word and reputation of a fortune 500 company, and agreed on a 30, 000 ad package, four websites (Direct TV, Amazon Shop It Online, ADT Alarm Systems, and Dish Network) and web costs for the year. The launch date was set for a few days later.

I paid $2600 dollars for 30, 000 thousand ads, $499 for four web sites and a charge of $19.95 per month for a year for a cost of ($239.40) for for a grand total of $3338.40. I checked for results often and it became clear that there were no sales. I became concerned and contacted your company and was put in contact with Burt Nunley.

I spoke to Burt a couple of times and left the conversation feeling that things would progress and it would not be to long before I saw results. After seeing the ads running out I contacted Burt again and he said to me that USOnline America Group stands behind their affiliates. He informed me that he would renew my ads with 30, 000 flash ads due to no sales with the first 30, 000 ads.
The new campaign was to start in March 2011 with no additional cost to me.

My ads have since run out no resulting sales. On September 20, 2011 I called USOnline America Group by telephone. A secretary answered and I asked her to contact Burt Nunley and hopefully he would call me regarding my concerns. It is now November 08, 2011, and I have not had anyone contact me. I expect to be paid back the full $3338.40.


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