Silver Lotto Crest Securities Inc.payment never received of, $130 000.00 i was told i won.

Recieved a letter in the mail from silver lotto crest securities inc. 8 fed street london england, wc 987t uk. stating i had won $130, 000.00 as a winner of a may 14th 2016 lottery sweepstakes with the winning numbers of [protected] which consequently won in the 3rd category. Therefore have been approved for a lump sum pay out at no extra cost to me from there north american payment office located in buffalo, new york as long as claimed within 3 weeks which i did. The dated letter was for feb. 23rd 2017 LOT NO: LED 6785 AM with a toll free # [protected] from the desk of the prize director/prize award department paul king. And foe further info to please contact main processing office at +[protected] and to ask for paul king or anita reed. Letter sighned paul king. So of course me thinking, hoping mabye something for once good be going good in my life for a change and desperately wanting to buy a house and get out of debt i fell for it believing finally my luck had changed. Now two months later still desperately waiting for a check they told me would be coming by ups to hear of a possible scam or fraud. So here i am filling a complaint in hopes that mabye im wrong or possible delay in winnings in hopes of recieving the $130, 000.00 i was promised or mabye peace of mind that something has been done about this issue.

Silver Lotto Crest Securities Inc.
Silver Lotto Crest Securities Inc.

May 08, 2017

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