Shamrock Towing, Inc. / Damaged my car

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My 1999 Mercedes was towed by Shamrock Towing, Inc. on 1/13/2011 from a parking lot at Columbus State College. Immediately after picking up the car, my son noticed

the loss of pressure in his brakes. Two days later, the damage made to his car by the towing device, almost cost him his life. The caliper was broken and he lost all brake

fluid. The mechanic said that something big broke the caliper - when I mentioned he was towed earlier in the week, he verified that was likely the cause. The cost for

repair is ~$300.00 in addition to the tow of $92.58. I contacted the owner, Mike Wilson, and he went to the mechanic to take pictures of the underneath of the car. He told

me he would get back to me - and he did not. I had to call him, and a person in the office, told me he was out sick for the day. I told her that I had talked to him earlier and

that he went to look at my car. He then returned my call, and told me that there was no way his towing device could have broken the caliper. He also told me that is what

the mechanic agreed with. He has no intentions of providing a resolution. I immediately called my mechanic, and he said that he didn't agree with Mike. Mike would not

consider that it could have been caused by operator error. Here are the facts: 1) I had just had the car serviced on 1/6 and the brakes were in perfect (new) condition 2)

my son drives to school and the brake pressure is normal 3) he is towed by Shamrock Towing 4) we pick up the car and within the first 5 minutes of driving the car, he

notices a significant change in the pressure of the brakes 5) I call Shamrock Towing on that afternoon and explain the situation, and they say there is no way they could

cause the brake problems 6) two days later my son loses all brake power and risks his life 7) car is taken to the mechanic where he confirms damage to the caliper and no

brake fluid 8) I share that the car had been towed, and he confirmed that could be the cause. 9) Contact Mike Wilson and he says he'll look into it and will get back to me.

He claims a rock was caught in the snow and cut the brake line. He would not even consider operator error. All I know is the brakes were in perfect condition the week

before, and since being towed, my son could have been in a serious accident.


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