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I will start out with positive remarks before i go into the negative..
Convenience of having a 24 hour location is great, the store is kept clean, and is stocked with many products never running out of what a customer needs..
Now for the negative..
Th pharmacy is probably the most poorly run operation i have ever had the dis-pleasure of dealing with...Antibiotics are needed to be picked up, you had better go an hour prior to when you called in you prescription because that is exactly near the amount of time it takes for the pharmacy employee to issue you your antibiotics..
When you bring up the issue with staff they simply shut down the conversation by saying the owner knows we are under staffed and she does not care.. OK...
And apparently on Sundays there is no manager there to address customer service issues...Only a supervisor.. Ok so once again no accountability by anyone at the store..
Customer service is paramount, i understand we all have bad days but this particular location is horrible for customer service.
I have reached out to head office, hopefully an improvement will be made in regards to operations at that location, but as for myself i would rather put my money elsewhere, even if i have to deal with inconvenient store hours.
Lundys Lane location is disappointing!

Dec 15, 2014
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  • Do
      Dec 15, 2014

    Let me get this straight.

    You better go in an hour prior to when you called in the prescription as that is nearly the amount of time needed to get your medication.

    Hmmm. Go in an hour before (prior to) calling in the order, be surprised when you wait an hour before getting the medication you haven't called in yet?

    Sounds to me like they need to up the dose of whatever medication you are on as you have clearly violated the temporal prime directive. Physics simply does not work that way.

    My advice to you is to call in the order, and then visit the friendly pharmacist's service window an hour LATER to pick up your much needed medication in a timely fashion.

    That wasn't so hard, was it? ^_^

    Hope that helps!

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