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Noble pay is a big scam, the owner writes fake reviews pretending to be happy customer. If you google their name, you will find several complaints about them. They have hidden fees and you lose any charge back filed by any card user against your business. They never support the poor merchants who write their paychecks. They only side the card holder as its easier for them to do it that way instead of wasting time fightinga chargeback for you. Stay away from this fraud company and file reports about their bad experience with the bbb and ag in your state. Dont let them take away your hard earned money.

They write their own fake reviews. Beware of their fraud!

Another complaint i found online about noblepay . They have bad reviews all over - just google noble pay reviews, and you will know what i am talking about.

Christopher swift was my "agent" too under powerpay america, llc. How many company names does he hide under? He never got the paper work right, or the rates, hid the small print, has many hidden charges, lost my sales. He never gets back to you, never solves anything. You can quit, they will let you go if they screw up big time, but will hang on your bank account for years. Christopher is not swift. Powerpay are crooks and shame on hsbc and authorize.Net for enabling them.

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