Mountain Lakes Community Care / urgent care

1 Seneca, SC, United States

I went to urgent care at Mountain Lakes Community Medical Care on June 26, 2017. This is part of the Greenville Health System. I had a small, red sore on my chest. I am self pay and had to pay $100. up front to see Dr. Cochran. He looked at the sore and told me to call a dermatologist and go see the dermatologist. I paid $100. for him to tell me to call a dermatologist and set up an appointment. This is medical thievery! How unethical to charge someone a hundred dollars to tell them to see a dermatologist. I went to Anderson Skin and Cancer Clinic in Bountyland. They took me right away and I had a surgical procedure to remove the sore and they sent it off to a lab. All of this cost $160. It included seeing a specialist, an exam, a surgical procedure and sending the specimen off to a lab. The $100. that I was charged by Mountain Lakes Community Care "urgent care" on Omni Dr. in Seneca, near the hospital, was an outrageous overcharge to simply be told to call a dermatologist. I will file complaints where I can about this serious, UNACCEPTABLE overcharge!

Jun 27, 2017

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