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Mobile Innovation/IPhone 5 / Fraud/Swindling

1 Singapore

Name of store Mobile Innovation Peoples Park Complex #01-04 Singapore. Do not buy anything from this store or else you will be swindle or robbery victim face to face. 02 April 2013 my last day of visit in Singapore I decided to by I Phone 5 for my daughter and my son in law. I go ask from one store to another then this store Mobile Innovation offers me SD$50 less than the others also offer me free screen protector we agree for SD$750 for 16GB and SD$830 for 32GB open line because I am from the Philippines for 2 phone total amount I have to pay is $1580 he show me the 2 phone both in the box and he told me I need to pay before he will write any receipt I gave him SD$1600 and he gave me my changes $20 he write the receipt and ask me to sign on the portion that stated "good received in good condition" then I sign then he did not give me yet my receipt he go around the counter and did not come back immediately while waiting for him to come back I requested one of the staff to put the screen protector for me. This young staff open the box and instead of putting the screen protector of the 2 phones he both charging it then he is asking me what is my apple account then he is telling me I need to register because I can not use this phone if he will not register for me. Then this time the previous guy assisting me come over I told him just give me back the phone and I will just do what ever registration he is talking about in my country he don 't want to give me the phone and worse is he do not even want also to return the money I paid him I was so shock he told me that you sign already in my receipt it stated her that you already received the I Phone. He want me to paid him $298 more each so I have to give him $596 more I feel that I was swindle or rob in broad delight. I don't know what to do in that moment I call my Singaporean friend and she can not understand also what this store talking about registration in short they are very dishonest businessman. I decided to just pay him $596 more even against my will because he got already my $1580 and he is also holding the I Phone and Worse is my flight is 430pm. I call the police the young police officer advise me to file case I ask for the copy of my previous receipt that he write $1580 he gave me the copy but write lot of bull ### in there that I purchase warranty from their store not from Apple in the amount of $29.90 per month for 24 months and what is funny is he check the box written "for export only no warranty) and he write also beside my signature "customer agree to change to local set" I do not know what is local set because I am a tourist I am just buying cell phone unit I do not need telephone line and all this bull ### things he is doing in the present of young police officer For all the people travelling to Singapore do not buy any electronics or cell phone in China Town, Sim Lim Square, Punan they are all crook there. enclosed is copy of 2 receipt the first he put void is the original price we agree on.

Mobile Innovation/IPhone 5

Apr 6, 2013

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