Meshack Yourshack and Abedtogo / ripped off / dishonest / cheated

1 MO, United States

I purchased an "Infinity" Hot Tub from MYA. I have had nothing but problems out of it. MYA (I thought) graciously handled the problems when I could not get ahold of Infinity to follow through on the warranty work. Now, I find out that Infinity is bankrupt! And was filing bankruptsy during the same time period I was beginning to have problems, which was from the day of delivery on. I was told personally, by the owner of MYA that he knew the owner of Infinity and the problem would be taken care of. THAN, MYA handled the problem.Hhhmm. Was that because MYA was helping to cover for Infinity's going bankrupt? That is how it looks to me. Then they left me with a worthless product that I (in all good faith) paid $6000.00! for. MYA's web site portrays themselves as a "Christian" company. Which is the reason I choose them. Buyer beware. If they will sell one worthless product (look at Infinity spas) they WILL sell others. Do not trust this company. Tell your friends and neighbors.
Patricia L. AR.

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