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Luchthaven Schiphol / Abusive immigration officer

1 United States

I was on a KLM flight from Singapore to Warsaw with a transfer in Amsterdam on September 7, 2009. I was having headache throughout the flight, but my flight landed successfully on Amsterdam Schiphol Airport at 5:50am in the morning. I double checked my bag, but more importantly, my visa and other important documents to make sure I had everything required in order pass through the immigration. Let me remind you that I was still having a headache and my nose was blocked.

Nothing happened until I got to the immigration officer. He took a good look at me and started laughing with the other officers. Seconds later I was called to stand nearby the office while taking all my important documents for further inspection. At this point, I only had 2 more hours left before my flight to Warsaw takes off. So I became nervous as to what the hell is wrong. After an hour of standing and having no possibility of using the restroom, I was called in by one of the female immigration officers to interrogate me about my visit to Warsaw, Poland. She spoke English to me and told me to sit down near the room where everyone was watching.

Later on, she picked up the phone and started speaking Dutch and then she handed over the phone to me. I was surprised to hear a woman speaking mandarin over the phone. It turns out that the immigration officer had called a translation service to translate between English and Mandarin. I was furious, since the officer had just spoken to me in English a few minutes earlier. I explained the situation to the woman on the phone, and we started conversing in English without any translator.

She proceeded to interrogate me and the last question she asked was whether I had enough money for my stay in Warsaw. Of course, I said I have more than enough money. She then demanded to see the money, so I handed to her my 270 Euros in my wallet. She gave me back my money and then concluded that I do not have enough money for my stay and therefore I cannot continue the rest of my journey. I got really nervous, frustrated and angry regarding the whole nasty situation that I assured her I do have enough money for my stay. After a few minutes of silence, she then asked if I have anything else I could show her to prove that I do have enough money. I said I could show my bank account balance and so I did go to one of their Internet terminals and had to log in to my bank account to show them my balance. Finally, that was when they let me go to my next flight.

I was not happy how I was treated. This is racism and ignorance on their part and I am simply not going to sit here and let them get away with the treatment I got at the Amsterdam Airport. Yes, I have a Taiwan ROC passport and I am Taiwanese, but I speak perfect English with an American accent since I was educated in the United States, but regardless of the situation, nobody should assume anything about anyone. The immigration officers at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport have made their choices to abuse me and they should be fired from their job.


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