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Le Petit Four Restaurant / Terrible Service/Food failure to REFUND

1 8654 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CAWest Hollywood, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 310 652-3863

BEWARE OF THIS PLACE - The owner who speaks with a strong accent fails to understand the importance of customer service in the USA. When I brought my complaint to his attention, he was defensive, disrespectful and told me "do what you have to do and I will do what I have to do." Folks- this is not a place you want to dine. With so many choices - just keep walking and find a place that gives good service and values good customer service.

Here is my review: This was, without question, the worst dining experience I have ever had in my entire life.

On Saturday, July 11, 2015, I brought two guests to Le Petite Four. In the past, the service/food was great. This time would be different.

SERVICE: The service was very slow and we felt ignored most of the evening. Frankly, I spend thousands of dollars each month dining out. The service was so poor that it was embarrassing. I would never expect such substandard service from any restaurant on Sunset Blvd, much less from Le Petit Four.

FOOD QUALITY: I ordered a soup and artichoke. The soup arrived cool to the touch. Because I was entertaining special guests, I didn't want to complain. I chose to consume the soup without making a fuss or complaint. I then received the artichoke. Although it was well presented, it was cool/cold and completely water logged. It dripped water all over my lap/plate as I attempted to consume it. The so called "butter" appeared have a consistency and taste of cooking oil. The food was terrible.

WINE QUALITY: The wine served here is typically good. This time it was terrible. We were served by the owner, with a bottle of "fine Cab from Morocco". It was garbage. It was inferior in quality (about the quality of a $2.99 bottle of cheap wine). Nobody ever stopped by to top up our wine glasses. Not a place I would go to have a good wine experience.

Closing Bill/Tip: For all of the above reasons, I felt a tip was not deserved. I totaled the bill without a tip and we left. We walked along Sunset Blvd and then down into the parking lot behind the businesses along Sunset Blvd. Incredibly, we heard the sound of someone running toward us- yelling at us to stop. I turned around and our waitress, nearly out of breath, appeared almost frantic. She exclaimed "owner noticed that you did not leave a tip!!!" It was unequivocally the most embarrassing and humiliating experience I have ever encountered. Obviously, if I wanted to leave a tip, I would have done so. Moreover, a tip is just that - a voluntary gratuity - not a mandatory charge or fee. I could not believe she would chase us into the parking lot and obviously attempt to embarrass me in an attempt to strong-arm me into paying a tip. I decided to give offer a $15.00 tip to avoid making an already awkward situation worse. She made me feel as if I failed to even pay the bill and was trying to rip the restaurant off. How dare her? Who the heck does she think she is chasing us into the parking lot demanding a tip!?? Her misconduct was highly unprofessional; entirely unwarranted and quite shocking.

OWNER's RESPONSE: I took the time to write a detailed letter to the owner. I was hoping that he would apologize. Instead, he called me and chastised me for complaining about his company. He was angry that I didn't just complain there, in front of my guests and other patrons. He felt that if a complaint was not made then, it was not valid. He said, "You must have other problems if you took the time to write this long letter!" He continued to interrupt me, in an apparent state of rage and anger, and would not let me explain what happened. He said, "DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO" -stating he would be contacting his attorney.

Folks, this is what this site is designed for. Why would anyone ever want to visit this establishment if this is the type of service they provide. Instead of retaining a loyal customer he bashed me in a phone call. What is more amazing, as soon as I posted this, he called me on my home phone to harass me again. Can you believe this?

Jul 14, 2015

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