Jaggis Tanjong Pagar / Rude Customer Service

Ordered Chicken Tikka as usual where the person asks whether I want two or four and then warms up accordingly. Over time the person had stopped asking me based on his experience. A new person comes in to take the order for the food which is already prepared. He does not ask specifically and assume that it will be 2 pieces. When I see the complete order on my tray, I realise the mistake and ask for only 2 tikkas. To this the manager of Jaggi's Tanjong Pagar outlet tells me that the food is already warmed up and cannot be changed. When I plead, he tells me that I should not be on phone and pay attention. I tell him that I'm the customer and that he should argue with me for such a simple request. He tells me that you may be the customer but this is not some free place where you can ask for anything. When I tell him that I should stop coming here, he says that yes I shouldn't.
I complained further, and asked for a simple apology. However, even the main manager at Race Course went on to take the other guys side and told me that am I aware whether their standard process if to provide 4 tikkas. And he says we'll do what we can.
Any tips on submitting official complain to have their license revoked?

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