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Veth soch from Australia is bullying abuse again as pictures show he lives in Victoria Australia hes a perv to keep your teen daughters nr you and your family to he gives alot of abuse calls you ### ### and so on and abuse and bullying by this human filth freak he does it to alot of others I witnessed to hes a sick person and google and police have been told to hes a gutless person if he was in my country uk he will not be walking ever again he be in a wheelchair for life after me punting him to the skull till his neck snap back he see his ### insides ...he loves bullying and abuse to people on googleplus ...

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    Not resolved one bit veth soch from Victoria Australia rejoined google plus under a different name user id and pro picture to but hes friends with abusers hackers and troublemakers troll mates to any trolls hackers and troublemakers abuse report it to the law in.usa or any where with screenshots of the person or persons

  • Updated by Heartless spirit · May 05, 2017

    Police need to sort this out abuse and bullying by this person like him others doing it to people for no resson makes good person bitter and evil and cold and its gplus fault and the law not doing nothing about it...even thrrats you and says die going kill your self you mother[censor]er and and more ...veth soch sick human dont care about you only the abuse and bullying he does...then abuse and bullying others for no reason will end for good by him...if the law do something about it soon I reported it to law

  • Updated by Heartless spirit · May 08, 2017

    As always veth soch from Victoria Australia abuse to me now got loads of others giving my first love my ex and my woman penny s..t Google will not do nothing yet again didnt do nothing about mr veth soch abuse threats and etc either the abuse is out of control

  • Updated by Heartless spirit · May 18, 2017

    Its over people its over ok getting delt with now by the law alot of cyber crime every where like veth me so many others falling victim of crime hackers etc its getting worse...veth soch account was hacked into and abused like mine in.the past and so many others ...police need to sort cyber crime out ...

  • Updated by Heartless spirit · May 23, 2017

    Veth soch rejoined gplus under new different id user name and picture hes still threatens others and abuse to and also he more likely Carry on where he left off with threats of abuse to hes close friends with abusers hackers and troublemakers trolls and white rabbit she has a com called down the rabbit hole with bum showing becareful you get issues report it to usa police local.police with screenshots to or your local police where u live in.the world screenshot below becareful on

May 05, 2017

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