L Nov 26, 2017

On october 13, 2017 I bought a leather Ferragamo bag for a price of 69.00 usd. shipping inclueded, at site that even in appears as a reliable site with a 98% level of security, this made me trust my purchase decision, which was my surprise that upon receiving my order did not correspond at all with my original order, instead I received a bad quality MK bag made of plastic material, when I checked the sender I realized that it came from
DaiBo {SGJ-YD} No. 3 Yunxiao Road Guangzhoushi Guangdong 510410, an address from china, fearing a scam I try to contact the customer service of via e-mail, I obviously did not receive any response and that confirmed my fears, unfortunately you can not even trust the advice of sites that supposedly are dedicated to guide you to prevent online fraud, therefore I can only suggest to you that they add to the list of fraudulent sites, since unfortunately there is little that can be done to recover the lost money.
Thanks and kind regards.

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