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Federal Express Terminal Mgmt / Treatment of drivers

1 Reno, NV, United States

Dear Fed Ex Corporation
I am writing to ask you why you allow your drivers in the Reno terminal to be treated in the most injust way they are being treated? Your management there is pulling routes from drivers who have been there for 20 years all on stuff they make up. They threaten to pull routes, they threaten to inactive the drivers and then they do it. Which then leaves a loaded truck with no one to drive it and the massive public doesn't get their packages. Who do they think they are to do this? And why on earth do you allow them to do it? Don't you pay attention? Don't you think something is odd when several routes are taken in one given day or month? Do you think these drivers who spend so much on the route itself, then for repair of their trucks and tires that must be replaced every three months or so would deliberately go out of their way to violate DOT regulations and risk losing their routes? I say NO!!! But when one of your dopey managment guys gets a driver in his crosshairs he goes out of his way to harrass and then ultimately find something wrong that violates so the route can be taken, or make the drive inactive so he has to fight to find someone to drive for him on that given day so the customers do not suffer for something some dope decided to do. And you take him at his word. You do not demand proof. He makes a phone call and you say ok. make him inactive. There is no hearing, no burden of proof, no evidence provided. Just some guy who thinks he is god of the terminal telling you this is so. And then when someone like me sees this and says something, I get threatened with my job. Well, I quit before that happened and now I am writing to you. DO SOMETHING!!!
Do you want the massive public to begin using UPS again or lose them to the postal system or give tons of money out in refunds because the deliveries did not make it when they were suppose to and the massive public pays for a certain delivery day? I would think not. So do something. You made your drivers incorporate their routes. This cost them dearly. Some couldn't afford to do it but again the route was threatened if it wasn't done so they did it and still they get them taken because some dopey manager decides they did something wrong. And if he gets proved wrong, he makes it up and calls you still. Route taken...driver inactive but keep the route...find a driver...sell the route if they can in 7 days when that is given to them. What kind of treatment are you allowing? do you think because you made them a manager, they will not lie? they are not devious? Let me tell you they are. They have their favorites and if one of the favorites wants a route, they will go out of their way to ensure the route is taken so it can be given to their favorite.

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