A T&T Mobility / Cancellation Problem

1 West Monroe, LA, United States

Due to the large number of dropped calls with A T&T cellular service we decided to switch providers In December 2011. We contacted A T&T and told them to transfer and or cancel all phone lines to our new provider. We paid a large cancellation fee for each line and paid them a final statement in December, 2011. Then we received a phone call in April, 2012 from A T&T requesting over $500.00 in fees for two lines that weren't transferred or cancelled by them. We had to cancel the two lines and we owe an additional fee on these lines. We asked why we weren't contacted or sent a statement before now (April) and were told that one was sent. I asked them if we every missed a payment or were late in 8 years with them and they said "no". I told them that we had never received a statement in January, February, March, or April of 2012 and if we had we would have either paid it or called them to see why we were getting billed for something that we had cancelled in December of 2011. The manager's response was we owed the bill and to pay it and have a nice day. If she had only apologized for the mistake we would have gladly paid the cancellation fee and I wouldn't have had a problem with them. We are going to pay the bill in full but now I will never use them again, I am cancelling my home phone with them, and I will be sure to tell all of my friends and our customers how we were treated by A T&T.


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