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I ordered boots advertised on pinterest and the picture of the boots are a compleatly different product, the boots look high quility and they sent junk. There are so many quality differences from the picture to the actual boot they sent me. They gave me the run around for days about getting a return address. The boots were 56.98 on their sight and will cost me $50. To send back, however their return policy states they have to be returned with in 14 days and it took them 5 days to get me a return address and will take weeks to get back to them. They are ripping people off. I wanted you to know so others wont buy the junk they sell. I got taken, please dont let others get taken and consider removing them from pinterest. I love pinterest

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    Gordon24fn Jan 26, 2020

    I ordered a pair of boots and they are not what I ordered need to return anyone know how to do this

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