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5:27 pm EDT

Alba Services Fixing Alba watch

Dear customer service

I purchased an Alba watch from Elaraby group in Egypt December 2018 (attachment 1)

After less than one year there were water leaking inside the watch when i were wearing it in the swimming pool, i complain this situation to service center in 27 Abdel Aziz St, Elaraby Building, 5th floor – El Ataba, Egypt and they informed me that this was misuse although the watch is water resistance and they fixed it and change the rusted crown!

Few months later and after wearing it in the sea once more (with no diving) the hour maker on the dial of the watch was wiped (attachment 2) and there were water leaking inside the watch again, I claimed this to the same service center in March 2021 (attachment 3) and ask them to fix and follow up with them weekly for about 7 months, the delay in fixing it was 7 months although I made more than 5 complaints to the hotline customer services (19319) with no action taken from their side to accelerate fixing it, finally they called me in October 2021 informing me that there is no blue dial but they have black one, I agreed to replace the blue one by the black one and when I were receiving the watch I claimed that it is industry defect as the watch is water resistance but unfortunately they insist to take 300 EGP for changing the crown (again) and the dial (attachment 4) !

In May 2022 the strap was cut off by itself without any bang and fall on the floor with crystal destroyed (attachment 5)

I claimed to the same service center and they informed me that they should change the crystal and the battery and I agreed during receiving it from the service center in 21 May 2022 I noticed that the watch is not working and asked them why it is not working although they called me to receive it and they informed me that the watch now is working normally, they checked it while I am waiting there then deliver it to me informing me that the battery was not fixed properly and I received it and left the center after paying 270 EGP (attachment 6)

After only one day the watch now is not working again!

I have a big concern for not fixing the watch under the warranty for water leakage inside and destroying the dial although the watch is water resistance.

I have big concern for delaying the maintenance for 7 months.

I have a big concern about the professionality of the watch technician who tried to deliver the watch to me although it is not working.

Desired outcome: changing the watch with brand new one

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