608NetSpend Corporationdisputed transactions clm # 4490623/ account 8398858

R Jan 07, 2019
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I was incarcerated between 7/5/2018 through 9/7/2018. During this time I was also evicted from my home and all my stuff was thrown away. Including my security box which contained private information. I filled a dispute for $2284.00 for transactions during this time frame because I had no access to this account.I have sent documents showing proof of incarceration. A dispute specialist told me the following. The PIN on tge card wasn't changed, the account has been used at similar places and the documents you sent were not clear. For one if a card is reported lost or stolen, of course the pin wouldn't be changed. You get a new card and activate it and set a new PIN. Whoever, did this to me, lived around me so they would use some of the places. Finally, the person using the new card with the new pin is not the person whose name is on the card. Because I was locked up. On top of all this, when I was released from Jail at 8pm on 9/7/2018. I tried to use my card at a Racetrack and was declined. If had known about my card being reported lost/stolen why waste my time. I reported this on 9/11/2018 and it is now 1/7/2019 over 5 months. Please do the right thing ASAP. The 2 photos show actually 3 arrests and transfer between jurisdictions. Please look at the times as well.

disputed transactions clm # 4490623/ account 8398858
disputed transactions clm # 4490623/ account 8398858

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